4 Apps to Help Truckers Stay Awake

4 Apps to Help Truckers Stay Awake

Statistics estimate that drowsy driving and fatigue contribute to 30% to 40% of all accidents on the road. Nothing can be a substitute for enough sleep and regular breaks.

But thankfully, there is also a selection of phone apps that can help monitor tiredness and keep you awake. Read on to find out more.

1. NapDetect (iOS and Android)

NapDetect’s AI algorithms continuously analyze the person’s facial movements and head position by processing images from the front-facing camera of the device in real-time. The moment you close your eyes, then NapDetect will trigger a distraction or nap alert.

The setup is simple. NapDetect can be used while driving at night and works in parallel with many navigation apps on your device.

When you download or install NapDetect, you will have access to 15 days unlimited free trial. After the trial period, you can either continue with a Free Plan or paid Subscription Plans with unlimited access.

Download: NapDetect for iOS or Android.

2. Awake: Drowsy Driving (iOS)

Awake detects your open eyes. If they close, it immediately sounds a loud alarm to wake you up. Additionally, this app detects heart rate to help keep the user awake.

If the user has a paired Apple Watch, Awake will also detect when the user’s heart rate falls into a dangerous fatigue zone. Vibration and sound will alert the user that they are starting to dose off.

Awake is available only on iOS and free.

Download: Awake for iOS

3. Drowsy Driving Alert

Drowsy Driving Alert (known as DDA) uses the latest AI technology to detect drivers face and their eyes. The AI will classify driver eyes are open or not. If eyes are not open, DDA will alert to wake up drivers.

The DDA app can run in background with low battery consuming. Users can run this app parallel with other apps such as Google Map, Waze map, Here Map, etc.

DDA is available only on Android and free.

Download: DDA for Android.

4. Driver Sleep Alert

Driver sleep alert offers other solution to drowsy driving. This alert app will constantly sound alarm to prevent you from falling a sleep while driving, especially long journey. You can customize the interval and notification sound for your alert.

Driver sleep alert is available only on Android and free.

Download: Driver sleep alert for Android.

Safety Recommendations

Throughout this article we have presented four apps to stay awake, but nothing is a true replacement for sleep. Falling asleep at the wheel put the driver’s life at risk, and also endangers everyone on the road.

Make sure you are fully rested before starting a late night truck driving shift and remember to take a break every two hours or so to stretch your legs and take a nap as needed.