American Truck Simulator vs Euro Truck Simulator 2

American Truck Simulator vs Euro Truck Simulator 2

American truck simulator and Euro truck simulator have taken the internet gaming community by storm. Their level of popularity have sparked a debate between the two simulators. In fact, because American and European trucks and HGVs are so distinct in style and operation, there is hardly any comparison between the two. The best way to make the comparison is to try both while the best efforts have been put into this review and analysis of American Truck Simulator vs Euro Truck Simulator 2:

We start with American Truck Simulator. If you are connected, you will quickly realize that you are everywhere on the map, you can buy all the trucks that you have, and you have everything you can do. DLC, such as heavy cargo, allows you to restore. Then you look at your company and thought “I have to open a branch in Europe.” You buy ETS2 for sale and you will find that these trucks have fun to discover all the new roads and city, even if swirls and street signs have different colors. Then go on the DLC to continue the movement, they are many. And it’s great.

I have been on ATS for long, now I focus on ETS2, but I’m still back and forth to the mix. For anyone who wants to try something different from ETS2, take ATS and open a branch in the US and continue expanding your trucking empire from other rural areas.

For me, at this stage, there is a different DLC in one game, which allows me to play as a global navigation vessel.

If you buy the DLC, ETS2 will have more content, and you can expand the map, adding ProMods. ProMods now require every ELC2 DLC out of Italy, although you should expect that DLC will need the update or its next.

If you do not buy the DLC, ATS has a new, better foundation map than ETS2. Similar areas are covered, but I think ETS2 will have more kilometers overall.
We have good ATS modes and large communities like ProMods, who are trying to cross ATS with things like salvation and some critical basic settings of a graphics card very quickly.

Opt for ETS2 as someone playing annually, immediately after the start of the main game. ETS2 trucks have more than a wide range of different brands and lets you know which vehicle you prefer the most. The trucks are also more readily available than ATS to ensure that they have DLC, which they have.

Now, on the other hand, ATS has a much better game base, than if it had been built from the ground because it was made from the ground up, instead of moving from the ETS in the ETS2 case. There are only four trucks from the same company, PACCAR, but I think in the end we will get more. Base in itself is the size of the ETS2 database, but in small ways. When you start it, it is very similar to ETS2 and extended to a broader area, and will be more kilometers of by road and licensed trucks. It will take a long time. So, if you want to wait for a few years for a large part of the US has been finished and controllable, go for it.
Each game is useful in different ways. They are like brothers. It is clear that ETS2 has a broader community because of their young age and level of support. But ATS will never catch up with ETS2 (if SCS will not go to ETS3 or anything else and not to support ETS2), I will try every effort to help the SCS – the maker of both American and Euro Truck Simulator games.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Positive aspects
  • Great map
  • Great sizes
  • more attractive
  • Perfect for European players
  • Expand more
  • Lots of DLC
  • At a low price
Euro Truck Simulator 2 negative aspects
  • Fewer parts
  • The same thing is repeated
  • Bad graphics
  • Less opportunities
  • DLC is expensive
  • The highway exits are poorly designed due to incorrect signals
Positive aspects of US truck simulation
  • Better graphics
  • More Easter Eggs
  • Additional Features
  • Additional materials to add
  • Play more realistic bots
  • Police system
Negative aspects of US truck simulation
  • Less truck variety
  • Smaller tables
  • The smallest card
  • Blends speed limits and traffic lights
  • Poorly designed areas where a truck can crash (for example, some gas stations)

It’s about your preferences. Let’s put two games in the correct perspective by American truck simulator vs. euro truck simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2: travel through Europe with a modern truck of your choice. If you want to experience a long game experience, you must take three elements of DLC: Scandinavia, Going East, and Viva La France. This will complement your gaming experience and provide additional opportunities. In general, the base rate for this basic 3+ game is too high.

Steam Download it from a workshop mode or add some additional experience by searching the Internet (especially foreign, other countries without buying DLC cards are excellent ways to add promotions in the execution mode).

American Truck Simulator: an entirely new game, loaded by the United States for the type of road (Peterbilt, etc.). This long road in the desert makes you feel it has recently been resized, allowing for more states and larger command areas.

I enjoy ETS2 more because I do not like American trucks like Europeans. It is a matter of preference.

If you want a new game with American Trucking, DR-Cap ATS (sells). Or in many countries in Europe (Germany, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, England, etc.). If you want a substantial experience in road transport (with very high DLC prices) choose the latter option.

The streets of europe and the American truck have become clearer.

The long-term SCS success of Truck Simulator is not a big surprise, even if the first result of the unexpected honor. A combination of light work, relaxation, meditation and incredible recreational conditions creates a perfect holiday for people who have not been able to do business for a long time. Today, both American Truck Sim and Euro Truck Sim 2 become slightly more significant when they come to each of the games on Yama 1.31, with two new routes and opportunities added.

When SCS was first announced, Alice looked at this update, but with the Euro Truck Sim movement, it was not as bright as it was then. Not surprisingly, these Simulator Truck games share updates because they use the engine. Patch 1.31 includes engine and system updates for all sports and a fantastic amount of new and free content. As for the SCS, I was impressed by the informal observations of YouTuber’s video patch as far as I took it in the patch notes, so I’ll do the same thing.

The heart of update 1.31 (formerly Open Beta) is to add the CA-120 path through the US Truck Simulator, as described above. The beautiful road across Yosemite, in addition to the dense forests that pass through it, is also a beautiful view of the mountains. Euro Truck Sim has added many new routes to the DLC traffic, but now includes random events that have been seen in ATS before. Although it is not as exciting as it sounds, it adds a lot of visible diversity to the streets, including things like setting up small and narrow alleys.

Trucks also note this update, as ATS is forced to dismantle the new Scania R & S ETS2 8×4 truck chassis and spare parts trade. There are some minor changes and some significant updates in simulating the power and airlines between the truck and the trailer, but you can see all the small and bold details in the official corrections notes here.

Error, but popular modeling: American / Euro Truck Simulator 2

It was my first Microsoft Flight Simulator simulation, but when the SCS convoy’s 18-wheeler program is dropped, submerged in a gas station with a diesel smell, it can convince the experimental wing of the dealers in coffee and cakes. Since then, I went to the truck racer and had developed more than 100 hours in two new versions: American Truck Simulation Euro Truck Simulation (2).

Appearance and Rotation

One of the things that attracted me to WoS 18: I had no cartographic convoy in the entire United States and even some parts of southern Canada. Which completely exploded my spirit for nine years! I was shocked to go from the beach to the beach. Of course, I can not do this (and more) in its flight simulator, but the convoys of 18 WoS: the United States explained that it makes it more attractive. Euro Truck Simulator 2 offers a similar experience, albeit on a larger scale, because of the more significant world scale (the distance between seven years). ETS 2 has several different countries throughout Europe. The landscapes are impressive and very detailed, especially in the current DLC maps, such as Italy Expansion. Famous places, changing views and attractive landscapes – these are the best conditions, which I can use to describe what you see on an ETS2 world tour. For an American truck, one way or another, the gears fell on their heads.

The truck simulator started with three states. That is correct: three. Recently it was the fourth recently. California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico form a quartet. Although it is true that this map is vast and detailed, I believe that this is a direct form of SCS. All of these states are found in the southwestern United States with the arid, rocky terrain. As a result, everything is mixed. There is not much variety in the desert. SCS has selected well the characteristics of each of these cases, but everything seems very nice compared to the ETS2 card live. I wonder how long ATS will support: will we get 50 states? It appears that this can only happen with the developers who do this work.

Driver, driver, and more drivers

Now I was not sure if I would consider this “next mistake” more controversial, and I should add it. But I chose it anyway because I want to see the ideas of other truck icons. On the SCSI fanatics, ATS has done an excellent job of simulating everyone’s world, but most see what it looks like. “I mean, this landscape is a landscape. The NCP are everywhere, but they exist to fill the world and make things less severe. However, each of these game worlds is soulless, cannot interact with anything, we have been playing open and peaceful games for several years, so it does not seem like a big dream, like getting in and out of a loading bay, but in fact, the game is coming out of the vehicle.

The modeling simulators for this activity are created so that all resources are targeted to that particular activity. In the case of ATS and ETS2, the trucks are excellent for the driving experience. Despite technical progress, expectations and wishes continue to grow. Our systems can play many games. So, of course, we want developers to make things more dynamic and exciting. I can communicate with other road users via radar, at least in the real world. Even if there are pre-recorded news, at least the experience will add another level of realism. In fact, this feature was applied in the later version, so I’m amazed why it was not available in the real Sims truck games. SCSI, for example, random events and private transport DLC, which are precious assets in ATS, ETS2, as the police must monitor each task, and several things have been tried to color in the experience. These are steps in the right direction. But I want to see more interaction. After all, games are considered interactive events, so you should not offer most things in the same voice.

Most simulators usually have a constant similarity; they are very dull. That is, they are generally very slow and monotonous compared to most other games. First of all, with simulations, this should be expected. It’s not even necessary for some sim fans to call the simulations “games.” However, American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 play comfortably. Drive the truck to reduce speed when listening to unmanned aerial vehicles that only comfort me, sometimes check the two after they fall on a wall or other machine to vibrate, shake and collapse.

The user-defined DLC transport specified in ETS2 is a good starting point because you have to pay attention to almost all tasks. I would like to see this concept not only in ETS2 but also in ATS. For example, large accidental weather events, such as a massive dust storm in the ATS or a strong storm/blizzard in the ETS2. Roads those are not particularly comfortable for navigation due to poor maintenance or dangerous areas? Driving is a walk in the park, and similar things happen in real places where the ATS and ETS2 maps are based.

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  1. I’ve been playing American Truck Simulator for a while now and I have to say that it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. I’ve been playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 for a while now and I have to say that

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