Back Support Tips for Truck Drivers

Back Support Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers usually have to remain on the road for long durations. They hence experience things like lower back pain, hip pain, and pains. According to a one study with 410 truck drivers, 59% had lower back pain. It can cause persistent aches in your lower back, shoulders or neck, or stiff lumbar muscles that make it hard to move.

The good news is that there are many things you can do to prevent back pain and to ensure you’re feeling your best as you drive mile after mile down the road. So what do truckers prefer and need for back support?

Lumbar Support Pillows

Samsonite Full back

Lumbar support pillows provide a simple and efficient solution to back pain.

For a truck driver, Samsonite’s full back lumbar pillow offers great back support while driving. Also, memory foam is the predominant material used in lumbar support, and it’s an excellent material since it molds to your back without losing its structure.

It has a long adjustable strap to make the pillow easy to position so that it hits the right spot for your lower and middle back on most chairs. A removable cover that you can easily remove for washing. This is a pillow that will support your back for years to come.

Seat Cushions

seat cushion

A comfortable seat will help keep you in place and, due to the enhanced comfort level, keep you from moving yourself around to try to get comfortable and place your back into uncomfortable positions.

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat provides pain relief for the back, legs, hips and sciatica. The ergonomic U-shaped cushion is designed to relieve tailbone pressure and is lightweight, portable and versatile.

Another feature that stands out is the use of heat-responsive technology. The cushions respond to your body’s natural temperature and allow for the perfect density that you need for support.

Back Support Belts

Back support belt

A back support belt, or back brace, may benefit those who have lower back pain or chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. They’re also a convenient tool when it comes time to lift and pull heavy objects, such as unloading and loading transport cargo when things go wrong on your rig. So back support belts provide a bit of back support and pain relief regardless of what is being done at the time.

Freetoo Back Braces is designed to relieve back pain with lightweight and airflow-ready mesh material. It’s made with a four-way stretch elastic material and 3D knitting technology that creates different compression levels for a superior fit and just the right comfort.

4 aluminum stays and 2 steel springs offer 360 degrees of back support and alleviate pressure on your discs. 2 elastic straps help increase compression, and they’re particularly helpful as you move throughout your day.



The BackShield is a fairly rigid lumbar support for anyone who sits for extended amount of time. It allows you to sit in your truck seat with a very upright back.

Backshield, and others like it, strap to the seat and actually lifts the entire spinal column, alleviating vertebrae compression, allowing you to sit comfortably longer and free from pain, all while promoting good posture and proper spinal alignment.

Heating Pads or Wraps

heating pad

Heating pads are one of the best items on this list for a trucker to use because they draw blood and oxygen to the hurt or tight muscles. Both the transfusion of blood and the increased oxygen promote healing to the area.

While that is going on, the heat has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, tissue, and tendons. As the area warms, the muscles loosen and stop being so tightly wound. Part of the pain of a sore back is more than just the injury but also the muscles constricting and tightening around the area.

Final Thoughts

Those are the five most common and popular things that truckers use for back pain relief and support. The best part is, none of these items are overly expensive and they work great in combinations. Hopefully, you can find some items that can enhance comfort and make long trucking hours easy!