Freight Broker Boot Camp Reviews

Freight Broker Boot Camp Reviews

Freight brokers have been known to act as intermediates between shippers and trucker carriers. A freight broker is a type of job that can earn you more than any other menial work. You are allowed to have a flexible routine and can have an increased pay depending on the shipper. However, like all jobs, freight brokers require specialized training that sets them for the work and helps them to take the better decision in their lives. There are plenty of online courses offered by several institutes, but the training course provided by Freight Broker Boot Camp provides insight from a former broker who has grown and sold a multi-million dollar brokerage firm, all on his own.

A freight broker unlike other jobs requiring employees can be started based solely on one’s efforts. A freight broker can be a single individual or a company. The freight broker working as an individual can operate his business from home as a result of which he can choose his work timings himself. However, owing to the loading and carriage of the goods a freight broker has to keep track of all the payments due from shippers. They also need to ensure that the shippers give the carriers the appropriate remuneration. To train oneself in being a skilled broker, Boot camp or training camp is essential. The boot camp gives you the right idea of how you need to progress your life as a freight broker.

The essential skills required by a freight broker include good listening, fluid communication with the shippers and carriers and good sense about taking decisions. Freight brokers should think about the consequences of several shipping decisions that they make. For example, by assigning a carrier to a shipper, he has to take care that the goods are not lost or damaged during transportation. Hearing skills are as necessary as the others since it would allow him to decide whether the pay is reasonable for the carrier before allotting them the job.

Dennis Brown and the Boot camp

With Dennis Brown being a freight broker himself and the founder of freight broker boot camp he reveals that he started from earning nothing to amassing a considerable fortune through this job. He clarifies the
usefulness of the boot camp when he says that he has the potential to make any person earn as much as him by giving him the necessary training. The freight broker boot camp course, according to him, not only provides tutorials on being a skilled freight broker but helps people to gain knowledge in other domains of the transportation industry. He says that being a freight broker, you are either an experienced person or unskilled and inexperienced.

Training provided by Boot camp

The basic knowledge that a person gains by joining the boot camp is about starting with the job. As a freight broker you are responsible for transporting goods from one location to another; therefore, you must have a good idea about what type of products you can handle. Boot camp teaches you to target a small portion of the transportation industry and focus on the skill sets that are required. For instance, if someone is comfortable to transport heavy goods, they may choose to carry shipbuilding materials or iron equipment.

Boot camp Importance for Freight Broker Training

Owing to the variety of tasks that a freight broker has to undertake professional training enables him to become more skilled. Some of the duties that a freight broker is trained on involves the art of finding shippers, learning about the advantages and disadvantages of factoring invoices, finding and contracting carriers, etc. One does not require having an excellent academic record or qualifications to enroll in a freight broker boot camp. A simple high school qualification is enough to land you a job as a freight broker.

Although numerous schools provide training for this job boot camp has some extra advantages. Freight broker boot camp training provides you an additional bonus in the form of 5000 dollars that lets you start your business. You get to have a monthly package of nuggets along with a newsletter that is physically given to you. This helps you to stay updated about the several new opportunities that freight brokers encounter so that you can plan on your business beforehand. The freight broker training by boot camp also allows you to create a group on social media where you can share your views and take others’ opinions on the setup process.

It does not matter whether you enroll in a course or not, but training to help you to become more skilled in your efforts. With this particular job having the scope to provide plenty it is quite wise to enroll yourself in the freight broker boot camp. The payment for the training is also reasonable at 297 dollars per month. Apart from this if you feel you do not require training, you can ask for a refund within sixty days after enrolment, and the entire money is returned. However, owing to the popularity of the training spots get allocated at a very rapid pace, and you have to be quick to book your place.

Freight Broker Boot Camp Reviews Given by the Trainees

Some of the real-life examples signifying the success of this the venture can be sought if we go through the reviews of people who had enrolled themselves in the boot camp course.

D. J. Brown from Asheville North Carolina says that he was blamed for his poor analytical and decision making skills by his wife. But he took a wise decision when he enrolled himself in the Freight Broker program that saved him enough money to give him a better training course. He is quite optimistic about the future in Freight Broker sales and hopes to have full value for his expenses during the training.

L. Woodall from Macon Georgia talks about his successful completion of the freight broker training online. He admits that his decision to choose this particular program over others made him a professional in this field and helped him to develop a right frame of mind to go for this job using all his energy and zeal.

M. Jones from Detroit Michigan says that the training has helped him to grow his business. He says that he had started as a one-man company but later succeeded to recruit three more people under his skill sets developed by the course. Hope they can make more people skilled in the artof freight brokering.

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