Best Driving Lights for Trucks

Best Driving Lights for Trucks

The best driving lights for trucks are ones that are legal and compliant with federal and provincial/state regulations while at the same time providing maximum lighting capability. Most provinces and states allow the use of 2 additional auxiliary headlamps that can be mounted on the front of the vehicle.

Commercial trucks are vehicles that are driven for extended periods of time, even during weather conditions which restrict visibility. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for commercial truck-trailers to be equipped with the best driving lights for trucks that are legal because it ultimately increases road safety for everyone.

Regulations pertaining to driving lights for trucks are concerned with the selection, installation, and operation of auxiliary lamps. The primary standard that outlines the requirements for driving lights is

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108, Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment

The terms used to describe add-on driving lights is “auxiliary” and primary lights are referred to as “identification”.

S6.1.3.6 describes the mounting requirements for auxiliary lamps.

Society of Automotive Engineers

The Society of Automotive Engineers is a U.S. based global association that sets standards for the design, construction, and characteristics of motor vehicles. SAE standards are held in high regards by federal and provincial governments.

Furthermore, it is the SAE compliance certification that you must look for to ensure you are buying legal lamps that are SAE compliant driving lights. If a lamp is SAE complaint it is also a DOT complaint auxiliary light.

Note: manufacturers are not permitted to market products as DOT approved auxiliary lights because the Department of Transportation does not endorse specific products. The following section of Standard 108 signifies the importance of SAE compliance:

S5.1 Each required lamp, reflective device, and item of associated equipment must be designed to conform to the requirements of applicable SAE publications as referenced and sub referenced in this standard.

Make reference to this regulation for commercial trucks set forth by the FMSCA. It references the appropriate SAE standard for add-on driving lights is SAE Standard J581.

Driving Light Brands

Rigid Industries DOT/SAE Lights

Rigid Industries are considered a more premium option for driving lights. A single light can cost a couple hundred dollars. We recommend the Rigidhorse 22 Inch LED Light Bar Single Row

Jetco Driving Lights

These lights have the SAEY-05 marking which indicates that it is a driving lamp. They are an affordable option on the market within the $60-$70 range and are supplied to most heavy truck parts distributors.

Truck-Lite Driving Lights

Truck-Lite are a dedicated producer of heavy truck lights and have many options available for auxiliary driving lights. They are also SAE compliant, but you should check with the individual product your planning on purchasing to ensure it has the correct marking.

Hella Driving Lights

HELLA is a well-known German automotive company that got its start in 1899. The company produces lighting and electronic components. It makes a variety of different lights, including headlamps and interior lighting. We recommend the HELLA 500 Series Driving Lamp Kit.

CVSA Light Inspections

This section of the article will discuss the inspection procedures carried out through commercial vehicle safety alliance governed jurisdictions.

Firstly, driving lights are required to be wired so that they operate only when the upper beam of a multiple beam headlamp is illuminated. A relay switch is not allowed for auxiliary driving lights. In fact, only fog lights allow the use of a separate designated switch.

CVSA officers are trained to recognize the beam of a light and can determine if it is a fog light or an auxiliary driving light. Driving lights produce a symmetrical beam.

Auxiliary driving lights have a SAE “Y” marking while fog lamps have F and F2 symbols.

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