Best Way to Sell a Semi Truck

Best Way to Sell a Semi Truck

Are you looking for the best way to sell a semi truck? Want to get top dollar for your used highway tractor? Read and consider the useful tips to ensure you don’t miss any of them when listing your semi truck for sale.

Clean Equipment

It has been proven throughout the industry that equipment that has been cleaned and even refurbished sells many percentage points higher than a truck that has not been washed or detailed. There is a reason why dealerships keep their equipment in functional and shiny order; it is because it increases the perceived value of the truck in the eyes of the buyer. When cleaning a semi-truck, make sure you polish the exterior and interior. Clean equipment is equipment shown to the buyer in its ideal state.

Moreover, if there are any needed repairs, ensure those are made before listing the truck for sale. As an honest seller, you want to sell a semi truck that is in good working order.

List on the major websites and publications

best-way-to-sell-a-semi-truckThe next step is to understand the selling method that you wish to use to sell your semi truck as a private seller. If you intend to take to auction, then the auctioneer will usually handle the marketing responsibility to ensure enough buyers become aware of the sale. On the flip side, private sellers who wish to do a direct deal with the buyer – without any middleman, should ensure they advertise their semi truck listing on all the essential commercial vehicles for sale websites. Below is a list of the top sites on which you should promote your semi truck:

  • Autotrader
  • Craigslist
  • Kijiji
  • Commercial Truck Trader
  • Local newspaper

Local truck auction magazines are also an option but, be careful when considering advertising in a general paper. The more industry-specific your ad listing is, the higher the chances you’ll reach and target qualified buyers.

Provide the Necessary Information

Be transparent with the buyer and list all the features of the semi-truck. Remember the best way to sell a semi truck is to get it in front of as many qualified buyers interested in purchasing it. Therefore, save your time and the buyer’s hassle by providing all the information upfront in the ad listing. Information to include about a semi truck for sale consists of the horsepower, torque, axle ratio, tire tread depth, transmission type, engine make/model, manufacture year, last six digits of VIN, mileage, etc.

Furthermore, always list a phone number at which you can be contacted. It is even more important to answer the calls you receive, that’s if you care to sell your semi truck! The buyer is almost always screening a few different trucks at a time and can quickly pass on your listing if your response time is slow.

If an interested buyer wants to know recent repairs that were made to the truck, it’s a good idea to brief them on this matter and possibly supply them with the latest inspection report.

Know How to Close the Deal

Learning to negotiate does not mean you need to take a university level course in the field of negotiating. In fact, the first step to settle a deal is to name your price. Sometimes it is better to list a few thousand dollars over your target price so that when you receive an offer (which will almost always be lower than your list price), you are still in the ballpark range of what you’re looking to sell for.

Research in advance what other trucks with similar specifications are going for in the marketplace. This bench-marking technique will help you get a fair price and avoid the mistake of over/under-pricing. One spec to look at carefully is the mileage. The number of kilometers or miles a truck has been driven for is a direct indicator of how much life the semi has left in it.

It is essential to know how to complete the sales transaction to hand over the ownership title to the buyer. Most of the time your truck insurance agency will know how to handle this process. However, early on and possibly even in your ad listing, list your accepted methods of payment. Avoid methods such as credit cards and opt for a bank draft or wire transfer which are considered the safer ways to receive payment. Also, sort out how/if any state or federal taxes will apply to the sale of your semi.

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