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At Covenant Transport, our SAFETY CULTURE is engrained in everything we do. Safety matters!

Built on foundations laid more than 30 years ago, Covenant Transport Services today is a multi-modal transportation provider built to bring value to our customers and solve problems through our diverse service offerings. We are expedited, temperature-controlled, dedicated and managed transportation experts, eager to be a trusted, reliable carrier for our customers in the United States and Mexico.

Despite how far we’ve come, we are as focused as ever on operating with quality and integrity in all our business dealings, and we are steadfast in our commitment to operate a state-of-the-art fleet and lead the way in safety and customer service. 

It takes a lot of talent and experience to keep our fleets moving and our professional drivers on the roads, and our industry-leading office and terminal employees are always up to the task. With people based at all of our brick-and-mortar sites across North America, we have professionals in place to make sure our companies and our customers are serviced at the highest level.

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