United Petroleum Transports

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Seamless delivery... every time

UPT is a company of Character. Family owned and family operated, UPT will act with integrity and honesty as we strive to meet the demands of an always changing industry and proactively communicate to answer any need of both our internal and external customers.

To be known by our customers, the motoring public, and our associates as the most elite, safety-focused transportation solutions provider in our industry. We will achieve this by strictly adhering to our core values and the five tenants of our mission statement.

Our Number One Goal is for each of our professional drivers, technicians, and administrative support team members to have a safe day, every day. Dedication to personal safety in all we do will result in our ultimate success.

We work tirelessly not only to be awarded the opportunity to serve the needs of our customers, but once awarded, immediately begin the process of building and growing mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships in the quest to meet and exceed all expectations.  Our approach is always about providing solutions; understanding and knowing the needs of our customers and then executing on our service.  We utilize the best technology available in the industry to enhance our offerings and further differentiate ourselves from the competition. 

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