Trucking Companies with LMIA

Trucking Companies with LMIA

A labour market impact assessment is a document that a trucking company in Canada shows to prove there is a need for a foreign worker to fill the job. It also shows that no Canadian worker is available to do the work. If a LMIA is approved it is called a positive LMIA or confirmation letter. Once the trucking company is able to get a positive LMIA then the worker can apply for a work permit. To apply for a work permit, the driver needs a job offer letter, a contract, a copy of the LMIA, and the LMIA number.

How does a trucking company get an LMIA?

To clarify the aforementioned information, a positive LMIA is a document approved from the Employment and Social Development Canada administration to give trucking companies with LMIA permission to hire a temporary worker.

Because truck driving is considered a semi-skilled trade and falls under National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level C, it is not eligible for a skilled worker visa which is a program that makes it easier for the driver to gain permanent residency.

For that reason, the primary way for a truck driver to obtain a work permit is through the temporary foreign worker in a high wage or low wage position. Most trucking companies choose to apply through the low-wage option because the median hourly wage for provinces such as British Columbia is 22.60 per hour. Truckers whom are paid above the average wage can stay in Canada for two years under the program, a time period within which they may explore permanent residency. But low-wage earners can stay for only one year. The high-wage program allows temporary foreign truck drivers to have their employers create a mandatory transition plan for permanent residency. However, it should be stated that permanent residency is only one of the modes-of-action a sponsoring employer can exact in order to meet their transition plan requirements, there are alternatives. At the end of the TFW’s work term there will be a compliance audit and if the immigrant driver does not gain permanent residency then the employer could be found non-compliant. The purpose of the transition plan is for the employer to demonstrate decreasing future dependence on the TFW program. The path to permanent residency is generally through the express entry or provincial nominee program that is accessible to drivers who currently have a Canadian work permit. Applications are expedited if the job offer is used to support the driver’s permanent residency under one of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Express Entry Program.  This type of work permit is called an employer-specific work permit and the driver must work for the trucking carrier for the length of time specified.

High-Wage Stream

The labor market impact assessment fee is $1,000. This may be different if a consultant is used to prepare and submit the LMIA application on behalf of the business. This fee may not be recovered from the temporary foreign worker. A municipal, provincial, or territorial business license is also required. Furthermore, there are specific recruitment practices that must be conducted by the employer prior to submitting an LMIA. One of the primary requirements is placement of an advertisement on Canada’s Job Bank. These requirements can be located on the Government of Canada’s Immigration website. Attention to detail is a critical component for trucking companies with LMIA in the process of applying for temporary foreign truck driver workers.

Express Entry

There are several provincial nominee programs for long-haul truck drivers to gain permanent residency in Canada and then go on to become citizens. For the sake of this article, the BC Provincial Nominee program will be discussed. In order for a long-haul truck driver (local drivers do not qualify) to be eligible for the express entry BC stream, they must have worked for the carrier for at least nine months, have a permanent job offer, meet minimum language and education requirements, and be stable economically. The PNP program is only successful if both the employee and employer are willing to support the application. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island are also said to have a provincial program that helps long haul truck drivers obtain permanent residency.

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  1. Hi, Do you know any Trucking company who have LMIA in Manitoba or any other province?

    1. You may wish to speak with Clearport. They are located in Calgary AB but can help you out in Manitoba.

      1. Looking for a trucking company in Manitowoc with Lmia

        1. Need a good link to get a driving job in canada i take pride in my work n i have a passion for truck driving

      2. currently i live in bc and i have class 5 license in BC if i go to toronto(ontario) to get class A commercial license can i come back to BC and get LMIA with the same license or i have to convert it to BC class 1 . ? if anyone can help i would be thankfull

        1. I have AZ truck licence from Ontario . Can I get LMIA in bc or any other state .

          1. Contact me at
            I may be able to help you.

      3. Hello
        You know any company here in Barrie hiring an truck Driver and can give LMIA? I know someone looking for and need LMIA

      4. What are the requirements to Gain PR in
        Any Provence and What is the Easiest Provence to get PR

      5. Hello my name is Israel from Ghana and a Dump truck driver by profession and would like to relocate to Canada and work please help me out

        1. To whom it may concern
          Dear sir madam
          I am hereby applying for the position of truck driving within your renowned company . I am a hardworking ,dedicated and disciplined individual who take pride in my job.
          I am well experienced in this area and will deliver to the best of my abilities, if given the opportrunity to be a part of your team .
          I can assure you that i will be an asset to your company if you consider me to be your employee.
          I am willing and ready to attend an interview at a tome convenient to you. Looking for a favourable response frpm you
          Thank’s in advance.


  2. i am from Uae.i have dubai heavy duty licence and above 2 year experiance.i have done ielts with 5.5 bands.i want move to it possible?

    1. Yes it is possible. You should speak with an ICCRC accredited consultant for further advice.

    2. Hi my name is amarjeet ashat I from UAE I have 9 year experience trucking company also I have done IELTS 5score can you provide a lmia truck driver job

      1. E.T Transport has Pre Approved LMIA’s for Truck drivers in ONTARIO.
        Have a look at these Videos my friend just received his LMIA with this company.
        you can email

        1. Hi
          I’m immigration consultant looking for Lmia for drivers from Morocco with more than 10 years experiences in trucks if you have job offer i will bring you drivers.
          ICCRC member
          Thank you

        2. Hi I have good 8 years experience and working with S and f food importers in Vaughan from last 3 years. Kindly give me a chance. I need lmia. I will be thankful to you.
          Thx tc n best regards,
          Neeraj Mehta

    3. contact me

      Avtar Singh

      1. My name is hartinder Singh.i hv AZ license from Ontario. In Which state i can get Lmia.thanks

      2. Looking for job as a class 1 driver with lmia had 4 years experience from Australia

      3. Hi
        My husband is a professional truck driver with over 17 years of experience. We are to immigrate to Canada and we are looking for truck companies with LMIA to give him this opportunity to move and work in Canada as a truck driver. Please guide us thanks

    4. Contact me at
      I might be able to help you.

      1. Hie my name is Addmore.l am a five years expirienced drivee from zimbabwe with class two driver’s licence.i am currently staying in south africa but l would really like to move to canada if i can get assistance…lmia

        1. Hi. I am Alexander. I live in Russia right now. Planning to move to MB Canada as a truck driver. I am looking for a job offer. Have 5 years experience in USA.

  3. I am on tourist visa here I have Ontario truck az license I have ilets band 5.5 How can I get LMIA in any province ? can u let me know please?

    1. Dear Balkar,
      If what you’re saying is true, you can call to any truck company and show what you have. i know Flatbed Truck Driver – Toronto – SIBC sponsoring drivers with LMIA if you already in canada.

    2. How You did Your Ontario Truck AZ Licence on tourist visa?

      1. Contact me on whats app. I have list of company who do Lmia on Az licence. I am coming in October to Canada on tourist visa only. contact on whats app +919106508737 I tell you. same i have 5.5 bands. contact me i explain you

        1. Hello sir,
          For LMIA of Truck driver …Does one has to have Dubai truck driving license or license of other emirate) Abu-dhabi,Ajman,Sharjhah) are hols same value?

          1. Yes I have dubai truck driver license

          2. Yes sir I have and 10 years Experience

        2. hello. im from mexico. lived in mexico at this time and i would like to have a job offer from canada truck company, i have a canada truck driver experience (legal)with work permit. from april2009 to january2014. for slh transport inc. in calgary alberta.

      2. Hi, I am truck driver in Dubai. I have done ielts with overall 6 band. Any company hiring truck driver from outside canada.

    3. Contact me on whats app. I have list of company who do Lmia on Az licence. I am coming in October to Canada on tourist visa only. contact on whats app +919106508737 I tell you. same i have 5.5 bands.

      1. Could you email me the list of companies that have the LMIA program:

  4. Hi,
    I am Syed Naeem 42 years old.i am from Pakistan.i have Truck driving license from dubai.i have 12 years experience of long haul truck driving and dump truck driving. Presently i am working at Dubai Airport on the position of equipment operator.
    Now I am looking to migrate to canada.please guide me that how it will be possiblefor me if anybody can.Thank you

    1. Im Derrick from zimbabwe i have class 2 drivers licence with 3yeas experience i would like to move to canada please help

    2. Dear Sir/Madam,

      Am looking for employment in your company as a long haul truck driver. Am working presently in Poland and doing delivery in Sweden,Germany, Netherland, France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, and many other European countries as an international driving. With the EU driving license Category B,C,CE With Code 95 and drivers card. Below is a copy of my resume thanks.

  5. hlo sir i applyed for lmia in bc.from 3 month but lmia is not coming consultant say me wait what i do.

    1. Hello Sharnjit, the LMIA process can sometimes take longer than 3 months, up to 6 months at a time. You would probably need to stay patient and wait.

      1. Hello sir .i am taranjit singh.i appled for lmia in bc from 6 months but lmia is not coming .consultant say me wait .can u tell me what i do

    2. Hi Contact me For LMIA for your company. message me on whats app +919106508737
      I inform you

  6. Hi
    I have Dubai heavy duty licence and 14years experience. Now a days I am on visit in Surrey .could you help me to provide lima

    1. Hello Amritpal,
      Please contact me at

      1. Hello Vincent,
        I have already emailed you as well, I am an immigration consultant in Vancouver BC, I have many clients in Dubai that are looking for LMIA for trucking , if you can help we can work together.

        Hossein Amirahmadi

        1. Hello my name is oscar ramos jr iam presently working as a truck driver importing canda to usa.iam looking a compony in toronto or any part in canada with lmia.soosn will be expired my working permit my number is 307-365-7613 plwase call me anytime and iam willing to move right away thank you…

        2. Hi Hossein,

          I am an immigration consultant based in Toronto. I have an employer who is looking for truck drivers from overseas. Give me a shout if you’re interested in working together. My email is

        3. Hi,
          do you assist with LMIA for trucking jobs for drivers outside of Canada. I am interested. Kindly send me an email if possible; Thank you

        4. Good afternoon Sir, I’m a Ghanaian from Accra I am a heavy duty truck driver I would like to apply for a job vacancy in your high esteem establishment please what are the requirements and how can I apply thanks

  7. Dear sir,
    I am heavy truck driver with batch licence from India,have any lmia job for me in Canada


  8. Hi my name is Archibald I am from Trinidad an would like to come Canada and work as a Truck Driver I have over 25yrs experience with different types of trucks how do I get my work permits or a company that will help me

  9. Hi I am looking to get a trucking job in Calgary Canada how do i find a company that will help me get from the USA to Canada

  10. Hie! I am a Malawian nationality based in South Africa interested to work as a truck driver in Canada, do you know anyone who is recruiting foreign drivers ?

  11. currently i live in bc and i have class 5 license in BC if i go to toronto(ontario) to get class A commercial license can i come back to BC and get LMIA with the same license or i have to convert it to BC class 1 . ? if anyone can help i would be thankfull

    1. Hello, you would likely need a license in the province that the trucking company that is hiring you is located in. If you work long-haul it is possible for you to have an Ontario license and still travel for work into BC. However, if you want a BC license then you need to meet the requirements of ICBC for class 1 driving.

  12. Hi, I am currently doing my AZ license in ontario. I am from the United Kingdom with 3 years experience of driving a truck. I am currently looking for a Lmia approved trucking company to secure my stay. Could someone advise who to contact? Many thanks, omer

    1. Hello Omer, some trucking companies in Canada have unnamed LMIA’s and can hire you usually right away (work permit application etc.). However, if you can’t find a company with an unnamed LMIA you would need to have your name included as part of a named LMIA application from a company that is willing to do so. There are registered consultants in Canada that can give you referrals to employers so you may want to contact one in that regards.

  13. Hi my name is Hardeep Singh visitor in Canada and class 1 licence holder in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and ten year experience in truck driving in India.I want work permit with lmia in Canada please help me thanks

    1. do you received?

  14. Hi there!
    I’m looking for good company with lmia in province where i can get PR!
    I’m already in Canada but i’m not happy in this company becouse they have no enough work for me!
    I have drivers licence, US visa, Canadian experience 3 years on b-train and dangerous goods!
    Is anybody need good worker?

    1. Hello Nikola, you can change employers but you will likely need to find a new employer that has a positive LMIA to hire you.

  15. Hi I am planning to come to Canada in tourist visa. and get G licence and Az Licence learning in school.
    Which school take less fees? bcos all with 5000 to 7000 fees? which compony can give job after for new trucking Az drivers. Please reply i am waiting?

    1. Hi , my name is Ramandeep s maanfrom india,i have valid Australian license and 2 years experience of Mc trucking. Now i want to move to Canada from india,looking for lmi, if anyone can help,00917017003208

  16. Hello sir I am on tourist Visa and I got Az licence.I am looking for lmia .Presently living in Ontario please help me

  17. Please tell me name of the company where I can get LMIA I have AZ license from Toronto

  18. I have UAE heavy duety licence and have 12 years experince in truck driver. I got 5 bend in ielts .
    L 5
    W 5.5
    R 4.5
    S 4
    Let me know can I applied for truck driver work permit. Is it for possible 5 bend to apply ??.
    Have u arrange Lima if possible?

  19. Sir
    I am UAE heavy licence holder and have 12 years experince in truck driver in UAE. I got all over 5 bend in ielts . W 5.5, R 4.5 , L 5 , S 4 . I want to move in canada . Can I apply with 5 bend .

    Thanking you

  20. Hi
    Myself mahi bajwa. I m in Canada in bc . I m here on farm supervisor work permit. I have also class 1 license with air brake endorsement from British Columbia. Now I need truck driver lmia. Plz help me .

  21. Hi, my name is Oleksandr
    I’m from Ukraine, I passed exam on A-Z (Ontario) (I have IELTS- 6.0),
    Can you help me to find truck company with LMIA in New Brunswick?
    Thank you.

  22. Hello Sir,
    My name Is Syed Naeem. I am working I DUBAI with having 13 years experience of Long haul truck driving cross border in all Gulf countries. I also have Dump Truck driving experience. My IELTS result is Band 05.Now looking for job in Canada.
    Is there any company with having LMIA.
    please guide me if you can.

    1. Hello greetings,
      Am from Cameroon live and work in Poland as a long haul truck driver. Am doing delivery all over Europe for 3 years now, am looking for direct employment in Canada or us. Please let me know if you know of any company that is hiring outside Canada or US thanks. My email is

  23. Hi!

    Can I exchange my USA driver’s license for Canadian driver’s license? Or will I be able to work with my USA driving license in Canada?


  24. Hello Sir,
    My Name is Ranvir Singh, i am currently residing in Ontario. I have a Class AZ License but i am on a visitor visa. can anyone help me in getting LMIA?

  25. Hi ‘
    I am looking for job in Canada.
    Is there any company with having LMIA.

  26. hello i am from the bahamas with over 20 years experience in trucking with a variety of heavy equipment, we do not use any special licenses here just regular drivers lincense. What would be to best course of action if i wanted to work in canada as a truck driver?

  27. Hi I am darwaish from Saudi Arabia.I am heavy truck driver and I have 9 years experience in Saudi Arabia.I am searching now any company who give me invitation to come in Canada for truck driver job or for road test on my own expense.thank you

  28. Hi , I want LMIA in truck driving . I have Australian and Dubai Heavy truck licence . Content me wats app +971529687170

  29. Hello,

    I’m on visitor visa in canada, i wan’t to get LMIA with workpermit, and i have driving exeprience with batch no. can you please help me .

    1. contact me

      Avtar Singh

    2. Hello Kishore,
      Please contact me at

  30. Hi Everybody,
    I am Syed living in Dubai. I have truck driving license from Dubai and also have15 years experience of local and cross border truck driving. Now looking for Truck driving job in Canada. Can you help me plzzzzzz……

  31. Hi, I am sunny from India. I have an experience of 9 years in truck driving and 3 years experience in truck driver trainer at Larsen & Toubro limited. I have completed Ielts with 5 band. Can I get a job in any location at Canada.

  32. hello, im 39 old years i am from france i have 10 years experience in europe whith semi trailers, i have already classe 1 or AZ FM , passed a quebec.
    experience one year and and half doing Montreal california in reefer, i m looking for a company whith lmia available.
    i speak english,french,portuguese and some spanish.

  33. I hereby I applying for a position as a Class 1 driver I have over 20 experience driving .
    My present location is in Kingston Jamaica.and i am looking for a company in Canada that offer LMIO/LMIA
    And i am willing to sign a contract with u offering some year of service.years experience with heavy duty vehicle like tractor trailer. Articulated buses tow trucks the last three years driving tractor trailer. Full time job.
    I got a song knowledge on air brake system and also a certified Red Seal mechanice.
    My present location know is in Jamaicai got a clase one Jamaican Driver’sLicense and a class five Canadian Driver’s License.

  34. Hi, m Jagmohan Singh 24 years old.i am on tourist visa in Canada and can anyone please tell me where I can apply for heavy Licience class 1 in Canada

  35. I have 1 year Canada-US wide experience as long haul dry van.
    I am looking for a job with LMIA around Vancouver.
    Please help !

  36. Hi, I am currently in Canada and will be giving Ontario Class A road test in 3 weeks. I am looking for a company that can help me LMIA and work permit. If someone can help me out that will be a great help.


  37. hi, sir my name is sharnbir singh .i have 4 experience .im looking job in Canada wit LMIA , PLZ can you help me .thank you

  38. hI THERE.
    I have international truck driver license from Mexico.

    Am I able to work for a truck company in Canada with a LMIA ?

  39. I have CDL class A, with 6 years OTR experience.
    Can I qualify through this program?

    1. Hi I am on work permit for 1 year in Manitoba. Now my company is moving in US. I have 4 months experience in Canada. I need LMIA. Please anybody help me.
      Contact me

  40. Hi. I am trying to get to Nova Scotia but I don’t have a high school diploma to can’t get a job under any nominated programs. I have been driving trucks full time for 19 years and have a licence over 20 years. I am currently on containersand flat work but have fun refrigerated, cement tankers, dry can, curtain. Are there any trucking companies in the Nova Scotia region who would hire a UK driver on a 2 year LMIA?

  41. Hey
    Me and my husband are driving in Canada as team, but we are not satisfied with employer.
    We would like to switch to another company. Right now we are on a work permit for New Beunswick, still have our Alberta class 1
    We want PR ASAP
    Can somebody help with information?

    1. Hi, I just got my AZ on May7 2019. I am on tourist visa in canada and lokking for a LMIA based Job.

  42. Hello All, Im a Dedicated truck driver and heavy vehicle school driver with international UAE heavy vehicle driving license and Indian Driving license having 13 years of driving experience in safely transporting materials. How would I apply for truck driver jobs in Canada from UAE? how to get LMIA approval ? Could anyone suggest me please.

  43. Hello I’m Abner Embrado, from Philippines, I have a local licences as 6 Wheeler truck driver here in Philippines, and I’m driving for more than 18 years, I am willing to apply for a Long Haul Truck Diver in Canada, but I think my qualification is not enough but I am willing to study and work with your company. Please gave me instruction on what to do.

  44. Hi I’m Hilton Sharrock I’m from South Africa I have 18 years’experience as a heavy duty truck driver owner operator I’m looking for help getting a driver’s job under lmia in Canada

  45. Hi I am Alex From India I have 10 years experience in Singapore . I want to move to Canada . Anyone suggest me please

  46. Hi , This is Hardeep Singh Currently driving Truck and Trailer in New Zealand from last 2 years. Having long haul experience with snow and mountains experience. Looking for employer who can help to get LMIA. meeting all the requirements as per Canada foreign worker rule.

  47. Hello guys I have U.AE valid heavy duty vehicle licence with 2 years of experience along with overall 6 band score in IELTS. Could anyone help me to get LMIA…? Make contact to me on

  48. My brother has a valid AZ license in South Africa. DO you know any companies that would sponsor his work permit in Ottawa area

  49. Can you please suggest any trucking companies that give lmia in Nova Scotia Canada??? It would be great help.

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