I Want to Lease my Truck to a Company: How does it work?

I Want to Lease my Truck to a Company: How does it work?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. Truck Freighter does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. This information is not to be considered as legal advice. Please seek the counsel of a legal professional before signing onto a lease agreement with a motor carrier.

I Want to Lease my Truck to A Company. How does it work?

Leasing onto a carrier means a truck owner who also drives his/her truck is agreeing to contract transport services to a motor carrier. “Leasing on” is different from “lease” and “lease purchase”. An agreement that governs leasing onto a trucking company is still referred to as a lease agreement. In a scenario where the operator owns his truck then he/she is declared the lessor in the agreement because he/she is contracting service out to the lessee (carrier).

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It is required for the lessee to spell out how costs associated with fuel, fuel taxes, permits, empty miles, tolls, ferries, detention, layover, base plates, and insurance. Who pays for fuel and insurance are one of the primary determining factors that will classify an owner operator as an employee or independent contractor under federal or state/provincial employment standards law. Therefore, if your truck operation is more of an independent contractor arrangement, it can change. An independent contractor acts more like a traditional business owner in the sense that they can provide services to multiple customers (carriers). Dependent contractors are not covered under Part III of the Canada Labor Code and are not entitled to tax contributions. Most dependent contractors are classified as individual business owners or commonly referred to as sole proprietors. Violations and infractions that the owner operator is responsible for directly impacts the NSC profile of the carrier the O/O is leased onto. Most owner-operators are still considered employees for tax purposes and therefore federal pension and employment insurance with-holdings/contributions are required.

Overweight trailer fines can be the responsibility of the owner operator if they do not scale the trailer’s weight before departure, especially if it is written in the lease agreement. An owner operator works much like a company driver, but the primary difference is they own their own truck, and the budget the carrier would otherwise spend on maintenance is allocated to the O/O through an increased wage. Therefore, if an owner-operator can manage to take diligent care of his truck, he can pocket the extra monies that would otherwise be spent on repairs.

Following the signage of the lease agreement by both the carrier and owner operator, a receipt of equipment statement needs to be completed. This declares the vehicle is under the carrier’s control. At this point in time the carrier is responsible for mechanical violations and for establishing a maintenance program for the truck.

In future articles we will discuss how a trucking company owner operator lease agreement is to be drafted. If you have title ownership of a semi-truck and are thinking: “I want to lease my truck to a company”, then this information should be basic grounds to beginning your journey as an owner operator.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_posts_slider count=”1″ interval=”0″ slides_content=”teaser” slides_title=”1″ title=”Recommended” posttypes=”page” posts_in=”629″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

133 Replies to “I Want to Lease my Truck to a Company: How does it work?”

  1. Hi My Name is Ranae and I Have my Own Diesel I was trying to lease it out. I Was interested On How this Works if Someone Can please Give Me some kind of Feedback on the Steps To Take. . Thank You So Much

    1. I have a 2006 international I want to lease out and how much a month is this possible xmoning646@gmail.com.

      1. Hi am interested of leasing your 2006 international. Thank you.

        1. I have a 2015 International ProStar I like too lease it

          1. I do have two 16 ft box trucks, 2012 and 2016 in Arlington, TX and I want to lease them out. How can I do that please? My number is 6787680010

      2. Hey, I need a pickup ASAP…in Ft. Bragg.. Can you assist. We will pay.

    2. I want to lease my truck out to someone to drive

  2. I would like to lease my semi truck to a company how does that work.

    1. My husband owns a trucking company. Give us a call we can help you.

      1. HI Andre, Can you please give me the number for the trucking company your husband owns?


        1. Investment Opportunity to start a used commercial truck leasing company buy out at end of lease For$1.00 and you own the truck !

          1. How does it work?

            Please email me on kevinnwaoba76@gmail.com or call/text 8172984422

            My name is Kevin

      2. Hi Andre,

        I have a 16′ Box truck Chevy Cutaway 4500 with Stabilitrak that only has 18,500 miles. I just bought this in September and was contracted with Diligent USA for Goodyear who merged with Firestone and they bought Dapper Tire delivery and proceeded to mess up the logistics and they finally had to cut costs and hired hourly people for their distribution centers and canceled 24 of us Independent Owner Operators. My truck seems to be the wrong size for most opportunities for owner operators who want 24-28′ box trucks and semis or Sprinter Vans. I have decided to see if I can have someone or a company take over the lease. Do you think you and your husband can help? I would be willing to pay a Finder’s Fee upon closing of the deal. Thank you

        1. Hey Sterling can you please give me a call my name is Jesse, if you still have your trucks. Thank you 316-260-5074, I have a carrier/broker company and I think my partners and i could use your truck, just need some more information from you. Thank you

          1. Hi
            I have a truck and trailer I am intrested in leasing out. Do you also offer an option for your driver to work as an employee on the truck that is leased? Or is it strictly for owner operators only.

          2. Hi, I am currently getting into the business as completely new and would like to find some companies to contract with. I have a 2014 Ram 3500 (SRW) diesel and can use my own flatbed gooseneck or run any trailer you’d like. I am completely set up for 5th wheel, gooseneck, or anything that you need.

          3. Hello, I’m about to buy a truck to lease to companies. I’m not sure how to go about it but I’m willing to work together. I personally won’t be driving the truck because I don’t know how. I’m just want to do something for a passive income. Pls txt or call me at+13237888423

          4. Could I lease my truck to the company?

          5. I have a truck I need help on how will leasemy truck could you give me some information my name is Juanita my email is wilsonjuanita72@gmail.com

          6. Hello , I’m interested in the tracking Business , and I know good dispatching company as well , if you interested in making decent fair deal , I’m willing to have it ready within weeks , 3479729867

          7. Hi i have my 2021 isuzu tipper truck with 6500 gvm and im looking to lease it please if someone can help.


        2. Good morning so I have a 2015 Volvo Vnl sleeper truck. I want to lease it out to a company. Can u give me more information and direct me to some solid companies that I could call

          1. hello
            Can you find a company to lease your truck? I am looking to rent my vehicle. I don’t know how it works.

      3. I will like to call you if you can provide your number, I need advice from you.

        1. My name is Tricia reyes I haven’t had any luck yet I have an 18 wheeler and that is my only source of income at the moment I’m a single mother of three going through a divorce and I really need a driver or someone to lease it can you please call me at 912 604-8704 if you can help

          1. what state are you in

          2. Hi Tricia,

            I am messaging you to see if you were able to get a good response to your posting. I am a single mother also and am looking for answers too. Is it ok for me to call you?

          3. I’m in savannah Georgia

      4. Hi Andre,
        Can you please reach out to me through oluwafs@outlook.com
        I am interested.

        1. Hello, I’m about to buy a truck to lease to companies. I’m not sure how to go about it but I’m willing to work together. I personally won’t be driving the truck because I don’t know how. I’m just want to do something for a passive income. Pls txt or call me at+13237888423

          1. Have you had any luck?
            I’m also an owner not driving, and I’m looking to lease my truck. I have a driver in place.

          2. Hi Johnathan…
            My name is Dawn Shakespeare and I was reading your email….I am a school teacher and want to do the same thing. Can you give me some insight on how to accomplish this goal? Thank you!!!

        2. I have a Volvo 2014 I will like to lease to a company. If you are interested please call me on 5592317000,,,,,

          1. Hi I’m interested I need to know how much?

        3. Hi this is Tricia I want to lease my truck can you please give me your phone number 9126048704

      5. Where is your husbands company based out of ?

        1. Hello my name is Jerry I have a semi trailer that I would like to least to a company If you are interested please leave me a phone number for e-mail so we can talk about it

      6. Hello Andrea, what would be the best number to reach you at?

      7. Good day sir. I have a 26′ foot box truck and is looking at leasing it out to a company. email is ntsefvort@gmail.com. Thanks and wait to hear from you.

      8. I have a big rig truck i want to sign on can i get the number to call you.

      9. Hi Andre, my husband owns a truck and is looking to lease on to someone. If you still have openings available. please contact him.. debo6467@gmail.com or 443 210 2018.

      10. i am interested in purchasing a truck and leasing it out i do not have a c.d.l and would be hiring a driver i would appreciate any help you can give me on getting start please email me at w.r.c.c.p.llc1020@gmail.com

      11. What’s your number?

      12. Hello, can you please call me 832-203-5992/ 832-870-1384 ginasilva20@gmail.com My name is Gina

      13. Andre Johnson Please give me a call 832-817-0068

        1. Hi there I have a 2007 international I want to lease out is their a program I can join text me at 1-2147107415.

          1. Hi my name is Sherry I have my on truck and would like to lease it out to a company. Please reach out I would love to hear how this works to prepare the necessary steps in getting started. Thank you

      14. I own my truck outright but I am going to lease on to a company do I have to take there escrow account I can save my own money for breakdowns .i thanks that’s a scam when they Tue your money up .

      15. Hello. My name is cleveland and i was trying to gather some information on leasing my 18wheeler out and i was wondering could u help me with a few details on how to get started

      16. Hello Andre my name is Hardy
        I will like to give you a call
        I find you on this website .my number is 6198570938 my email hawks.freight@gmail.com pls I’m very brand new in semi truck.i need some advise

      17. Does your husband own a 30 tons howo tipper truck for rent?
        Pls text me on 08087159600

      18. What your husband contact #….i have some questions

      19. What is your phone number or email.
        I am planning to buy an 18 wheeler and need to find a company I can lease it to.
        I do not have a driver, need company that can provide driver.

      20. I am trying to lease some trucks also

      21. Hello I would also like information on your trucking Company, I also have a truck that I would like to lease out.
        Please contact me my email is affordableroofinspections@gmail.com

      22. I want to lease my 2016 Freightliner Cascadia double cab, trailer 53 foot 2017.


      23. Can you call me 727-288-8948 plz

      24. ill like to know how to go about it.

      25. can you give me a call want to talk about a lease option

      26. Andre I’m a hotshot owner operator and need to lease on under a carrier I believe, had a terrible year and cannot afford to reinstate my cargo insurance and thus my authorities have been in trouble, I own all my stuff and need to go to work asap

        1. Are you still looking to work?

      27. I have a truck want to rent it out 0670340542 it’s still new new

      28. if U still interested in Renting Truck i want to rent My Frightliner Detroit 2012,so plz Let me know

      29. Hi I have a 2007 freightliner columbia I want to lease to a company

      30. Hey Andre,

        Can I lease out a truck to your husband’s trucking company?

        I am in Mansfield Tx. Any help will elbe appreciated

        I can be reached on kevinnwaoba76@gmail.com

        1. i own a 2007 international cummins ISX 9400i sleeper and 2007 freightliner cat c7 M2 106 reefer -18.5 ft-box w/curb door/(liftgate)ramp—
          that i want to lease on ( no drivers)
          to help lower start up operating cost—please contact me (David)

      31. Hello, I’m about to buy a truck to lease to companies. I’m not sure how to go about it but I’m willing to work together. I personally won’t be driving the truck because I don’t know how. Pls txt or call me at 3233942408

      32. I do have two 16 ft box trucks, 2012 and 2016 and I want to lease them out. How can I do that please?

    2. Hi there is their any company to rent my semi truck to.

    3. I have tractor trailer 2020 Freightliner to lease to company or individual tracking company. Interested person can contact me through email. fkgyabaah@yahoo.com.

  3. I own an 18 Wheeler and don’t have CDL.
    How can I rent my truck to a company.
    Please give me some advices.

    1. Hey Shaun can you please give me a call my name is Jesse, if you still have your truck. Thank you 316-260-5074, I have a carrier/broker company and I think my partners and i could use your truck, just need some more information from you. Thank you

      1. Hello Jesse
        I have a truck presently located in Houston TX. It is a 2016 FREIGHLINER CASCADIA with about 500+k miles. Annual maintenance has just been completed by Schneider and it is in perfect shape. Please can you help me look for a Company that I can lease it to?

      2. Hey I just called and left a message, I’m under similar circumstances and have a ram truck and gooseneck trailer with my own authorities and have a means of getting loads myself or work for another company

      3. I thinking about getting into the trucking , new to all of this retiring and taking some of my
        retirement money and investing it into buying a truck, what kind of trucks would be a good investment . I really need some help here if you have the time, I also want to lease out the truck.
        to a company.

      4. Hi I have 2022 ram 3500 and 3 car trailer 12000 gvwr non cdl I like sale or lease 8609903392

  4. I also I own an 18 Wheeler and don’t have CDL.
    How can I rent my truck to a company.
    Please give me some advices.

  5. My husband owns a truck and we are looking to lease onto a company in Northern California or Northern Louisiana. Are there and suggestions for companies to reach out too?

  6. I have 13 trucks with dry van trailers. Does anyone know a company I can lease my trucks to.
    Thank you

  7. Hi,
    My name is Charles Murvee. I am the owner of Chanel Transport LLC. I have two 26 ft Box trucks that I’m looking to lease. A 2013 International 4300 and a 2012 Freightliner. I am located in Yeadon Pa. My contact is 804 255 5418. Trucks are well taken care of. I have a driver tracking device installed in both trucks.

  8. Hello Jesse,
    My name is Chris. May I give you a call? I would like some info on how to lease out a semi truck to a/or your company.
    Thank You.

  9. i have a 2011 ford f450 and a 3 car kaufman trailer im located in florida, im looking for a company to lease onto

  10. i have a 2012 3500 Dodge Ram truck I am looking to lease out..email me if interested…Previously used for hotshot business. magdelinawilliams@yahoo.com

    1. I have an 18 wheeler how can I lease my truck to a company?

  11. HI, My Husband has 2012 freightliner 26ft box truck and trying to lease it out to the company, would you let me know if anyone interested please.

    1. Hi am interested in leasing your truck,Give me a call at 4803347893

  12. Hello i have a 2015 Tractor in good condition look up for a company or somebody I can lease it to. Tou can teach me at 3479776345

    1. I have a 1985 freightliner truck, need to lease it out to a company or organization that may need it. I can easily be reached at 3024658253. This truck runs and perfectly drives.

  13. I have a semi I am looking to lease and I would like further information on how to do it please.

  14. Hi if anyone is in Williston ND or within an hour get at me

  15. I need to lease out my dually to my hotshot son who’s dually is presently dead in South Dakota. It’s oil left in a hurry and there went the bearings. What kind of paperwork form would we use to lease my rig to his LLC so he can keep on running? Thanx

    1. Hi sirs,I found you on my Google search I want information on how to lease my semi truck thank you

  16. I think it’s helpful that the lessee has to spell out the cost of fuel and things like that. Then potential buyers will be able to find a truck that costs the least and is the most fuel-efficient. I know that when I go looking for cars, I’m looking at mileage more than aesthetics.

  17. Hello,
    We have 2 18 wheel trucks ready to haul what ever you might need. Please contact me at 775-232-6083. Thank you

  18. Hello,
    I got my CDL 2 months ago and now working for Construction company with their automatic’s truck.I would like to buy my own truck and work with own truck for another company, who can help me to figure out how can I start?

  19. Hi my is Jayson I’m from Toledo Ohio I was looking into buying a semi and leasing it to a company I would like more information

    1. Jayson can you give me a call 832-817-0068 Gina

  20. I have an international 18 wheeler and I don’t have a CDL so I cant drive. I am looking for a driver who would like to be home on the weekends, I am located in Toledo Ohio. Please contact me at 614 680 8464.

    1. Hi Althea
      how do you get to own an 18 wheeler and you dont even have CDL???????? you can actually do that????
      I am looking to buy ,own, or leasing a semi truck
      can you please give me some advices. a my email is : classacdl7931@mail.com
      by the way did you find a driver yet????

  21. I have a semi truck I would love to get it leased on with a company im out of Michigan I wont be driving it I have a driver she hs a family an would like to get home often

  22. Good evening,my name is Mpumelelo, planning to buy the code 14 truck head for business purposes,If someone who can offer me lease contract is available.Please contact me.

  23. My name is Cynthia and I have a freightliner truck for lease, pls call me on 8326827304 if your interested

  24. Hello,
    I am looking to lease my two 2008 Kenworth semi in good condition and low mileage to any company willing to lease them. I don’t have drivers for them and also as I don’t have CDL to drive them. Please contact me at 423 235 8700 or email galaxytruckingllc@gmail.com. Thanks

  25. I also, have about 5 trucks that I own and also think ing about leasing on with another company. Any advise or even where to start ? Looking for a good company that will pay good. Please email me at sam.isaacbros@gmail.com

  26. i own a semi truck and is registered under my name and my company, but i want to lease it to another company, do i need to make any change to my current registration?

  27. I just bought my first semi I have ran for local farmers since I was a kid an now have 2 years over the road I love my job being a long hauler just want to get started doin my own thing any suggestions

    1. Hi I am about to buy my first trailer refrigerator type. Please advise how do I get a company to lease to and a qualified trailer drive?
      Thank you.

      1. Hi Nana! Are you still looking to lease your trailer to a company?

  28. I am looking into purchasing a used NEWER semi and flatbed trailer to Lease onto a carrier. I am enrolling into CDL school next month and plan on being OTR driver. I live in Columbus, OH any suggestions on what to purchase and better what not to purchase. I worked 20 years in public service and have been medically retired and changing careers.
    I have a company I spoke with that said they would pay 82-85% of the load; they pay load insurance, give a fuel card to be deducted and they have deduction for base plates, IFTA & NY tax, Bobtail/physical damage insurance. Is this an average deal or bad?

  29. What is your phone number or email.
    I am planning to buy an 18 wheeler and need to find a company I can lease it to.
    I do not have a driver, need company that can provide driver.

  30. Hi. I have a 2019 ram 3500 dually. I just had open heart surgery and will not be able to drive for a while. I wanted to see if I could lease my truck to a company and they hire a driver or I could hire someone. I dont have my dot or mc number. Gogatortrucking@gmail.com

  31. i have a freightliner Cascadia and a 53 dry van registered and insured and i would like to find a good company to lease on with

  32. I want some information how to lease my truck to the company my name is Marie cherisca. Cherisca2008@yahoo.com.

  33. Hello I want to lease my truck to a company. I do not have CDL and I hope to find a company that can provide that.

    I can be reach at 7015419073

  34. Hello Francis,

    I am a resident of Texas and owner of a 2007 Peter Built Tractor. I am not a Driver. I bought this truck with the goal of leasing it out.
    Let me know if we could make a deal- Thanks
    Cel: 832-763-2714

  35. I have a 2016 frieghtliner and willing to lease it , but i reside in Maryland.
    Please give a call on 2027026474 if its something you are interested in or know anyone who is interested in maryland.
    thank you

  36. Call me 334 399 6995

    1. Hi are you interested in leasing semi truck for long term, if so please email me on spectracarriers@gmail.com

  37. Hello, my name is Jeff RIchards. I have a Peterbilt 379 (2000) and a Peterbilt 379 (2004) that I want to bring to South Florida and lease onto an Authority over the road long haul. These trucks are in excellent condition with new engines. I have been under an authority in West Virginia for over 9 years but needs to bring the trucks to Florida. Anyone who has information that can help me, please let me know. Thank you.
    Jeff RIchards.

  38. I have a 16FT Box truck in Dallas Texas , i would like to lease out to someone for a weekly fee when we come to an agreement .

    please contact me 469-271-4030

  39. I would like to lease out a truck to a company. How it works?

  40. I would like to lease out a truck to a company. How it works? I am in Maryland.

  41. Great people , pls i am interested in getting a truck as a starter. Is there any company that will take my truck , use and maintain it . They only have to pay monthly or as agreed. I have other job so i can’t drive or maintain it.

  42. Hello,

    I am Meardreed. We own a small family business Jax Cargo LLC in NC. We are specialized in reefer OTR. We are currently looking for owner operators to lease under our authority. Or if you have a semi truck and a reefer trailer but do not want to drive, we also offer a partnership program. Please call or text 516-325-0533 for more details.

  43. I am about to buy an 18 wheeler which i would like to lease under a company for partnership business. my number is 2144669501. Please give me a call. my name s kate.

  44. I am currently looking to least my 2013 Internation Manual Sleeper) let me know if there is anyone right now that currently looking . I can be reached at 702 806-4192

  45. I have a 2019 Hino 268A – 26ft box truck. I am looking to lease it. Please contact me at newstatellc@gmail.com

  46. Hi everyone,
    I got freightliner Cascadia manual semi truck for lease out to a company, please email me if anyone interested please email at spectracarriers@gmail.com

  47. Hi,
    If you want to lease your truck, contact me: talostalos1964@gmail.com. We run dedicated dry van freight. Send me details of your truck, year, make/model/mileage. Note: you are responsible for maintenance
    The lower the mileage, the better. Power only sleeper preferable but day cab is acceptable if in good condition for long distance dry van haul freight . Freightliner or Kenworth preferred but can accept another make as long as mileage is within 500k or less. We need reliable power only tractor. We are located in Texas. If you have your own driver better, if don’t have driver, it’s Ok.

  48. Hi I have a freightliner 2015 and dry van willing to lease to a company if someone can please advise me on how to do that, I’d appreciate it very much.

  49. I Live in Texas I have an 2020 Freightliner I would like to lease out to a Company.

  50. I have a 2007 frightliner with a driver and i will like to lease the truck on with some one.

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