Best CB Antenna for Freightliner Cascadia

Best CB Antenna for Freightliner Cascadia

Many truck drivers make use of Citizens Band technology to perform their jobs. Many truck drivers also drive a Freightliner Cascadia. When these two elements are combined, the search for the best CB antenna for Freightliner Cascadia trucks begins.

Therefore, the best effort has been put in preparing this editorial to recommended the correct CB antenna for your Cascadia semi-truck with extra emphasis on any needed mounting brackets or fairing adjustments.

FLCB5K – ProComm CB Antenna Kit Freightliner Cascadia

The FL-CB5K is a premium CB back of the cab receiving antenna system contrived for Freightliner Cascadia trucks. Gladly offered by ProComm producer of Professional Communication Products, the FL-CB5K mounts a 750-watt CB antenna safely behind the cab of Cascadia trucks.

Therefore, this area provides most extreme security, while managing effective execution for what numerous expert drivers consider their lifeline; a top of the line 40 Channel Citizens Band Radio.

Furthermore, the Freightliner Cascadia CB antenna unit was intended to work mainly with Freightliner Cascadia trucks.

The FL-CB5K radio antenna kit comprehensive includes a 5-foot fiberglass CB receiving a wire, elite back of cab mount, inner mounting plate, and 18 feet of premium RG8X smaller than expected eight persuade with a PL-259 to scale down UHF connector.

Apart from that, you can give the mounting screws to accomplish the ideal match to your individual Freightliner Cascadia installation. Mounting screws are effortlessly found at all neighborhood tool shops.

The FL-CB5K unit has an AM/FM radio wire display FLAF5K. It is demonstrated execution, being used by national US-based trucking organizations.  Therefore, treat your office on the road straight toward quality and custom worked to fit CB radio wire pack.

The ProComm FL-CB5K offers superior execution that implies business just like you and your Freightliner Cascadia truck.

Reception apparatus

  • Five-foot fiberglass CB reception apparatus for 27 MHz radio frequencies.

Mounting section

  • Specially crafted mount with the interior mounting plate for antenna mounting and cajole directing from posterior of Freightliner Cascadia truck cabs.


  • 18 feet of smaller than expected 8 cajole with PL259 to scaled-down UHF connector.

Item includes

  • 5-foot fiberglass CB reception apparatus.
  • Interior mounting plate.
  • 18 feet of premium smaller than expected 8 cajole with PL259 to scaled-down UHF connector

Cascadia Semi Truck CB Antenna Mount

Made mainly for Freightliner Cascadia trucks, this hardcore, powder-covered CB mount utilizes existing jolt gaps for quick and no-penetrate fixing. This mount can bolster great CB receiving wires, has a 1/2″ opening for introducing a CB radio wire stud which is excluded, and is accessible in both driver-and traveler side adaptations.

It is perfect for Cascadia truck drivers who need a CB mount that is anything but trying to introduce and will endure forever.  The Cascadia mount measures 5 3/8″ between the mounting openings that mount it to the truck. The triangle piece that the receiving wire mounts to turn out around 5/8″, and decreases from 2 down to 7/8″. The steel measures around nine checks after the powder covering, which demonstrates it is ten measure steel.

Prescribed for

  • This hardcore mount can bolster receiving wires or antenna more than 5′ tall and is accessible in both driver and traveler side models.

Good with

  • All CB radios and all fiberglass and focus stack antenna that utilization a standard 3/8″ x 24 strung bases.

Connection Notes

  • This mount connects to the mirror arm utilizing the current front two bolts. Just evacuate the two pins and put the mount over the mirror arm later reconnect the pin.

Imperative Note

  • While this item gives an impressive mounting surface and it does exclude a stud. The customer should buy a different CB reception apparatus stud to mount your radio wire legitimately. Likewise, the mount has a powder-covered complete that keeps the mount and radio wire from appropriately establishing. Last but not least, please make a point to rub off the powder covering adjoining the stud and mounting jolts to guarantee legitimate grounding.


  • Powder Coated

Item Includes

  • Cascadia Semi Truck CB Mirror Mount.
  • Urge link, antenna and reception apparatus stud sold independently.

Wilson Little Wil CB Antenna

This rig may resemble the littlest child in the sandbox, yet it will beat the class spook anytime. It developed from high-affect thermoplastic, and this model is worked for a considerable length of time of utilization and will stay solidly set up because of a 10-ounce magnet, even when you’re going at rapid roadway speed.

Other than that, its 36″ whip strikes the ideal harmony amongst execution and accommodation, perfect if you have reasonable tallness confinements. It’s sufficiently long to give up to 4 miles of range reliably, however, short enough not to be a problem when you’re out and about or parked merely around the town.

Next, a flexible antenna for your auto if you require a conservative, truck or van that is easy to introduce and performs well.

Aside from than that, The Little Wil will beat every comparable receiving wire and incorporates all that you require the reception apparatus whip, attractive base and urge link to work ideal out of the case.   The Little Wil’s husky 10-ounce magnet is the primary sign of the meticulousness, building, quality and outline that influences the receiving wire to perform so well. Apart from that, the holding quality of the bigger magnet will substantiate itself as you accelerate to pass another vehicle or when you wander down an unpleasant and uneven street.

The Little Wil holds tight long after other little reception apparatuses have tumbled off and turned out to be squandered cash. Wilson utilizes 14-check wire to give the greatest power-dealing with to a bit of radio wire. Therefore, it is also joined with Wilson’s preferred curl winding technique, which enables air to stream entirely around the fence, the radio wire’s most extreme power taking care of is roughly 300 watts.

The Little Wil stands just 38″ tall when mounted to the storage compartment cover of most vehicles, enabling you to securely maneuver into your truckport without harming the receiving wire or auto. What is more that you never again need to evacuate the reception apparatus in those multilevel parking structures at workplaces and shopping malls when making deliveries.

Antenna kit

  • High base-stacked magnet mount reception apparatus at a moderate cost.
  • Utilizations a solid 3.5″ 10-oz. Magnet.   3′ (36″) stainless steel whip.  Climate channel is good.
  • Built of high-affect thermoplastic and a one-year guarantee.

Prescribed for

  • Users who require a quality all-around radio wire that adjusts execution with reasonable tallness impediments.
  • Suggested for autos, vans, get trucks and commercial vehicles.

Eminent Features

  • Thermoplastic Construction and durable 10-oz. Magnet.

Good with

  • All CB radios. Attractive construct effortlessly introduces concerning any level metallic surface.

Receiving wire Colours

  • Black.

Inexact Range

  • Range(s) delivered is for correlation purposes and are liable to the various establishment and natural factors. It will be ideal if you see our reference article on CB Radio Range for more point by point data.

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