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Not every company can trace its beginnings back over 100 years, but Quality Carriers can.

Not every company can trace its beginnings back over 100 years, but Quality Carriers can. We have been in the business of transporting goods and materials since 1913, when our founder, B. F. Leaman, started this company with a single Pierce Arrow truck delivering lime and milk around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. From that time up to today, Quality Carriers has built a reputation for safety, honesty, quality, reliability and industry expertise by capitalizing on the opportunities to serve some of the world’s best and biggest companies. Working with industry leaders like Dow Chemical Company, Shell, Procter & Gamble, E.I. Dupont, and PPG Industries provides ample opportunity to prove the strength and merits of our company’s services, as well as the quality of our employees, especially our drivers.

As a member of Quality Distribution family of companies, we operate the largest bulk tank trucking fleet- over 2,500 trucks and 6,400 trailers- in North America. Our sheer size means that Quality Carriers can meet almost any customer requirements, as well as any surge in demand, even over extended periods of time. A network of more than 100 company-owned and affiliate terminals and facilities in key locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico provide the all-important support for our drivers. As a company, we practice a policy of open communications with our drivers. Working together in a dynamic corporate culture that focuses on building a strong team, we all strive toward one goal: To be the industry leader in both road safety and quality services. To that end, we invest heavily in driver training and in developing the most rigorous safety protocols found anywhere.

Beyond that, we work diligently toward enriching our communities by building an economically strong and stable company that enjoys sustainable success. This in turn enables us to create jobs, participate with local vendors and provide vital support for the neighborhoods in which we work and live. In the end, though, our key task is this: Creating a dynamic working environment for the people who haul our freight. After all, the success of our company is predicated on the success of the people we believe are the very best in our industry: Our Quality Carriers drivers.

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