Best Portable Air Conditioner for Semi-Trucks

Best Portable Air Conditioner for Semi-Trucks

With climate change being a more apparent reality in today’s weather conditions, truck drivers who spend hours on the road need a way to stay cool in the summer months. This report is based on the best portable air conditioner for semi-trucks. We all consider that heavy and big transportation as mainly needing more maintenance than other conveyances that is being used for general purpose. For example, it may need portable compact accessories, especially at that moment when the central air conditioner of your vehicle is giving you a tough time.

For heavy transportation, it is obligatory to keep working all the comfortable things that make the driver’s mood happy and make the journey pleasant to move from one place to another. As trucks and semi-trucks are being used for moving perishable freight it only makes sense that the driver is keep cool too, right?

We see fully-loaded big rigs moving on highways and also used for commercial targets. Do you think that without comfortable accessories any driver could perform his job or duty well? According to me, the answer is NO. For instance, say that you are a truck driver and you have to pass the delivery or to move on to another city or town in scorching heat, and you find that the air conditioner is not working correctly. What will you do?

Let me tell you, you will see yourself demotivated just in the reason of your air conditioner. It is simply not worth spending tons of money keeping air conditioner liquids and gases full when the A/C unit gives in just when you need it most.

Don’t feel scared by reading the examples that I have quoted above. Take a deep breath and go cool with the pace and forget about the internal air conditioner of your vehicle because I am going to tell you the ultimate and reliable solution for all the problems I have discussed above.

You need to find a good portable air conditioner. Suppose if you are arranging road trips and have to cover long miles then you need to carry a portable air conditioner along with you. It’s not an ordinary thing folks! Simply beat the scorching heat waves by using this mechanism. The portable air conditioner is a brilliant and cooling device; you can easily plugin this device into the socket.

It is not that much difficult to use; you only need to carry ice cubes and frozen water along with you so that it will throw very refreshing and cold air. This device also contains a small cube cabin so that you can put ice cubes and pour cold water into that cube cabin. These portable air conditioners are indeed very safe and efficient and will never disappoint you if you ever decide to install them in the sleeper or cabin of your truck .

The fantastic feature of this portable A/C is that you can carry these air conditioners anywhere and at any place, this is entirely on your choice. Hold on let me tell you the most premium feature of this device is once the winter arrives, the temperature of this portable device gets low automatically. Now if you are at home, you can plugin it to any socket but how you will plug it in the vehicle? You can plug it in by putting its wire into place from where you charge your phone. Yes! This is very effortless and easy beyond your imaginations.

It is not obligatory to keep your vehicle in a moving state to use this device because this air conditioner contains either built-in chargeable battery or the company will sell you separately which works efficiently for 4 to 6 hours. This device keeps your tractor cool on hot sunny days when the heat of the sun hits you directly just like a burning fire.

These air conditioners are not noisy and also very light in weight. They work well and dual hose attached in the window of portable air conditioners which helps these devices to throw cool and refreshing air. Its temperature is adjustable according to your desire.

Now I am going to tell you some best, efficient, energy saving and cost effective portable air conditioners. Just look down below for best product and its features.

12 Volt Mighty Kool K2 Cooling Portable Unit

This is genuinely a truck based air conditioner, easily used in heavy and big transports. It no doubtfully works well for trucks. And yes it has large spaces for water and air. Its weight is 35 pounds, 12v DC power cord; which is just amazing. Water meter is attached to it, which will guide you how much water is needed to be filled. Let me be clear about one thing here that it will not work effectively if you pour too much water than its actual requirement. You will maybe wonder after reading that, this product gives you the warranty of two years. It is the biggest upside of this product.

Icy Breeze Blizzard Package

Slippery breeze blizzard package contains the weight of 23 pounds with 12v DC power supply/110v power supply/NiMH battery. Now let’s have a look on its features it has hard and durable plastic, it contains a powered battery, car power supply, and yes the most important feature is it can be used as food and beverages chiller.

This is made in the USA its cost is 525$. It has built-in wheels for moving this device. It has thick and hard side walls also, and it has high speed and powered fan that is 25mph. It requires cold ice or cold water to operate which shouldn’t be much difficult because you can buy 20lbs of ice at the local 7Eleven for around $10. 20lbs of ice will last roughly 4 hours in this cooler and provide plenty of cold air within the sub-frame.

GoCool 12V Portable Semi Truck Air Conditioner

The first main and essential feature it has is providing you necessary cold air It has a long battery life, but the bad news is the battery is being sold separately. And it holds most considerable space up to 40lbs for ice; it has a 12v power cord. It is square/ it will give you the best cooling atmosphere and make your journey entertaining and delightful.

It needs nothing other than ice and water, so this is the best thing to buy to get rid of your worries. It is 35 pounds and 12v DC power cord (AC & DC) battery. It is made in the USA. It keeps you cool for a long-lasting time. The most essential and excellent feature of this unit is that it dehumidifies the air with the help of adjusting its temperature.

Arctic Air Portable Airplane Air Conditioner

Wait are you also thinking the same that we are talking about semi-truck air conditioners, so why am I giving you the information about an airplane air conditioner? Here’s your answer:

It has a plus point that it works excellently for trucks also so, you need not worry and get distracted by its name. Now let’s talk about its features. It is an excellent and elegant air cooler for large places. This portable AC is similar to the air cooler, but it comprises of a large cabinet of ice and water. It has a built-in pump out feature, but for this, you have to empty the cooler from ice and water. It contains 14 pounds of weight with 12v DC power cord included.

Ice’ n plug 12V Portable Air Conditioner

The quality of this air conditioner is that it has large spaces of ice chest, high and powered airflow fan. It has the safety of 12v up to 5ft long.

But the one shortcoming of this device is it consumes lots of ice means if you have this air conditioner you need to take lots of ice along with you. It absorbs very lean energy. Ice stays in the air conditioner for more than 4 hours its (Average) time. It can be comfortably fit in different places. You need cold water and ice to get started it to make yourself relaxed and comfortable. It is readily available at it is not suitable for large spaces.


I have mentioned above all the relatable information about best portable air conditioners for semi-trucks. These air conditioners cost less as it it doesn’t require any volts and units rather they use cold water and ice. This is the attractive feature of 12-volt portable air conditioners with a power cord because they are durable for trucks, vans, and heavy transports.

This 12-volt portable air conditioner enhances your savings and gives you the cooling atmosphere in scorching heat, sunny and sweaty days. How much time does it take in cooling after switching it on? The answer is, it gives you immediate cooling when you turned on the air conditioner switch. It is a much better option to spend your money on a portable air conditioner instead of wasting your money on the internal air conditioner of a vehicle because it returns nothing.

The significant advantage is it has a mobility feature. This simply means that if for some reason you have to change your truck, you can take your portable air conditioner with you.


According to my point of view everything that exists in the world has two sides, either good or bad.  Let’s review those features which are not that much useful and incredible about portable A/C units.

First of all portable AC’s does not comprise of any compressor it depends upon only water and lots of ice so, I think the water management may be quite tricky. It may also contain some limited cooling space only restricted to the cars and trucks or may be confined to just one room of the house. Plugging in these devices into the lighting plug ’gets the A/C unit charged with your vehicle battery and it has a direct side effect. Simply put, it may drain your truck’s battery if you leave your truck ignition off for too long of a period. The resolution to this is to buy a portable A/C that has a self-sustaining battery.

Besides all these facts the other significant and important point is you need a space in your car or truck or whatever the vehicle is, to adjust your portable air conditioner device. While the cooling fans need to be changed on the dashboard, so I think it contains some space and placement limitations.

These devices seem cost effective for those who have a minimal and short budget, and it saves your money from wasting it on the internal A/C of your vehicle and maintenance.

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