Tailwind Transportation Software Reviews

Tailwind Transportation Software Reviews

Tailwind transportation software offers a combined management system for motor carriers and freight brokerages. Many motor carriers operate as an asset based logistics firm, therefore the freight brokering features within the software are helpful to those companies who need them. The trucking and freight broker software can also be acquired as stand-alone applications.

The software suite is separated into three sub-applications which include operations, administration, and tools. The features of each sub-application will be noted along with a concluding overall analysis.


tailwind-transportation-software-reviewsThe first feature of the operations application is creating and managing personnel. This is where whomever works for the company can be setup to have their individual profile. For example, upon entering a new truck driver into the system, there is an option to distinguish them as an owner operator, leased company driver, and more. Driver’s certificates, drug test, and driver record review dates can be entered in order to track safety and compliance of each truck operator. Driver management is a full and complete feature of the suite with virtually no deficiencies.

The next feature is location management. It should be mentioned that there is no real-time GPS tracking feature. However, there is an option to integrate MacroPoint into your TMS which can allow partner carriers and customers to access live load updates from the carrier/customer portal. Therefore, your GPS/ELD tracking provider must be a partner with MacroPoint in order for you to effectively use the feature. Furthermore, common locations can be saved to eliminate data entry tasks that involve recording repeated addresses for multiple loads.

The next feature is customer management. Upon creating a customer, several types of key information can be entered including sales representative contact details, credit limits, and billing address is synchronized to the invoicing feature of the software. There are many customer types that can be selected.

The next feature is vendor management. Like customers, there are many vendor types that can be selected.

The next feature is equipment management. All safety and maintenance requirements can be setup to be monitored. Expiry dates have a direct impact on a dispatchers ability to assign equipment. For example, the system will create a block if a tractor is past due its motor vehicle inspection date. Fuel card data can be integrated which will later help track a truck’s profitability.

Once an order is received, it can be entered into the order system and following that a dispatch can be created. Each tractor and trailer must have their profile setup in equipment management in order for them to show up in the dispatch section. As freight moves through the transport process, updates to the dispatch are highlighted via different colors to indicate the load’s current status. Once the load is delivered, much of the operations task is complete and the order moves to the administration section.


tailwind-trucking-reviewMuch of the data entry process of billing is streamlined through the Tailwind transportation software due to pre-setup profiles which include billing addresses, customer names, etc. Tailwind syncs with QuickBooks online so the accounts receivable and payable data can be transferred. Driver and owner operator settlements are straightforward to create given the data in the operations section is managed correctly and is accurate.


tailwind-software-reviewThe tools section provides fuel and POD import functions. The fuel import feature helps the software make IFTA calculations and prepare quarterly reports. The POD import tool automatically attaches proof of delivery documents to the corresponding order given the file name contains either the invoice or order number. Various types of reports are available for download that provide analysis on operations, profitability, and more.

How does it help the dispatcher?

The main function of a dispatch software is to streamline the dispatcher’s operational duties. The way Tailwind helps the dispatcher is through the ability to book orders, post to load boards, setup customer portal with access to live check-calls, and communicate with drivers through the online SMS system. Once a location profile is setup for a delivery address, it can be reused by the dispatcher over and again without the need to manually paste data into a traditional spreadsheet.

Concluding Analysis

Most tailwind transportation software reviews will exemplify the same theme that the TMS is an integrated system. The features of the software are synchronized with each-other with one feature being dependent upon the utilization of another. If equipment details have not been setup correctly, it will reflect during the dispatch. The support for the software is good with the possibility of custom adjustments that can be made according to your business needs. It is a complete transportation management system adept to meeting the needs of motor carriers and freight brokers in United States, and Canada.

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