The Best Trucking Accounting Software for Truck Operators in 2019

The Best Trucking Accounting Software for Truck Operators in 2019

Many small trucking companies still use spreadsheets, ledgers and file drawers when managing their financials. If your company falls into that category, there are easy ways to do accounting without all the paperwork.

The trucking accounting software makes it easy and affordable for small or large trucking companies to report and track your financials in real-time. Trucking software can help you facilitate billing customers, paying drivers, and filing quarterly International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports.

We looked at several products and narrowed it down to five leading software products specifically for trucking companies:


This is the U.S. market leader in accounting software. With QuickBooks, you can sync your finances and account information across all your devices, including the iPad, iPhone and Android.

But unfortunately, QuickBooks is not customized for the trucking industry, which means that you will have to invest a few more hours when you set up your trucking company than you would for a software designed for trucking companies.

A free month trial is offered, so you can try the software before you buy it.


What makes TruckBytes unique from other accounting software is that its basic platform is free. It is the only company that offers a free plan. You can upgrade to the paid plan that includes IFTA services, automatic trip report verification and analysis of each truck’s performance. It costs $15/month per truck.

This accounting software is ideal for independents, truck operators and small fleets with no employees. Whether you are a one-person, one-truck operation or you own a small fleet between five and 10 trucks, TruckBytes can meet your accounting and truck management needs.

Truckn Pro

This desktop accounting software for trucking offers basic features like IFTA logs, payroll and truck management features such as trip planners and vehicle maintenance logs.

This second most affordable software (behind Truck Bytes) is available in three editions which are basic, owner-operator and small fleet edition. Basic edition is the most economical plan that will cost you $79/user. The Small Fleet edition is the most expensive plan that will cost you $219/user. Every user pays a one-time fee that includes free tech support and future software upgrades.


ProTransport is ideal if you own and operate a fleet of five or more trucks; it can easily manage multiple drivers and trucks for both small and large fleets. The extensive catalog of financial and productivity reports is quite impressive and will go a long way to help you make informed business decisions.

Unlike its competitors, ProTransport does not publish its pricing. This is due to their model of customizing the software to meet each client’s needs. With that said, you will have to visit their website and complete a short information form with your contact details and someone will get back to you.


Rigbooks puts profit and loss reports, expense and fuel mileage reports, vehicle maintenance records and more at your fingers tips. In a few weeks of tracking your business, you’ll gain a crystal-clear view of your most important business decisions.

RigBooks has four pricing plans that start at $19/month. The software is available in a free 30-day trial. On top of bookkeeping basics, you can create invoices and email them to customers, create IFTA logs and manage multiple drivers, including up to five trucks.

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