Truck Parking Business

Truck Parking Business

Truck parking is in high demand and this trend is likely to continue over the next several decades as road transport remains one of the top modes of freight transportation.

This article will explain in depth the concept behind a truck parking business. Furthermore, city bylaws, truck route requirements, and parking lot design will also be briefly covered.

Challenges with Truck Parking

There many challenges with the current organization of truck parking across North America. Firstly, truck drivers and dispatchers spend a considerable amount of time searching for legal parking spaces while the truck is on route. Secondly, secure tractor trailer parking for high value cargo is a demand that is increasing each year. Thirdly, illegal truck parking due to lack of parking spaces is endangering the travelling public and resulting in tickets/fines for drivers

City Truck Parking Bylaws

Most municipalities have zoning bylaws which govern which parts of the city can be allocated to the development of truck parking facilities. The three most common types of zones are residential, industrial, and agricultural. Truck parking lots can generally only be established in industrial zoned sites. Truck parking in agricultural zones may be permitted but certain requirements must be fufilled and the number of units that can be parked is limited.

Parking and entry of heavy commercial vehicles in residential areas is for temporary purposes. Most class 8 trucks are generally not permitted to enter residential areas, even for delivery purposes. Hence, this is a reason why you’ll commonly encounter smaller, 5-ton trucks making deliveries in residential zoned areas.

Hard-surfacing of the parking lot is also a common requirement amongst most municipalities. Truck parking facilities that do not meet this requirement are usually subject to apply for a temporary use permit.

Semi-truck parking space dimensions

How much space is needed to park a semi-truck with or without a trailer? An average trailer is between 48FT-53FT long although 53FT trailers are the most common type. Semi-tractors by themselves can be in the range of 20-25ft depending on the wheelbase of the specific truck. Sleeper trucks will have a longer wheelbase as opposed to day cabs. Therefore, it is fair to say the standard length for a tractor unit parking must be at least 30ft. An estimated 15ft should be allocated to the width of the parking stall. As a result, semi-truck parking space dimensions are 30ft x 15ft = 450 sq. ft. Up to 40 tractor units can be parked in one acre of land depending upon the shape (ex. square vs rectangular vs triangular) of the lot.

Financials of a Truck Parking Business

Now that the total required parking space per semi-truck is known, calculations for the financials needed to turn a profit can be made. As stated previously, up to 40 tractor units can fit in one acre of land. Therefore, a standard rate of $175 per stall for 40 tractor units equals total potential revenue of $7,000/month. To turn a monthly profit of $2,000 (operating income), the maximum mortgage value could be around $1,200,000 with a 3-year fixed-closed mortgage paid bi-weekly with an amortization period of 30 years and an interest rate of 3.62%.

How to Scout Potential Truck Parking Facilities

With city bylaws, zoning requirements, and financial budgets in place, finding suitable property for the development of a truck parking facility can be a cumbersome task. Some tips to find these development sites follow. Firstly, get acquainted with the different zone classifications in the various communities that make up the city. Also knowing the abbreviations for each zone classification is another crucial step to take. Secondly, understand the process it will take to submit and have approved a rezoning request. The reason behind rezoning is that many commercial development and business use zones may be viable options to conversion to an industrial zone. Therefore, become familiarized with what it may take to successfully rezone a related zone to one such as an industrial zone that permits the development of a truck parking lot. Avoid residentially zoned and some agricultural zoned areas because they will likely be involved a lower chance for successful rezoning. Lastly, search for development opportunities in the most prominent real estate website in your area. For instance, setup alerts to be notified when a property meeting your criteria for a truck parking business is posted. Furthermore, consider using the map search feature that most websites must find properties more efficiently. Also, don’t forget to include neighboring cities and townships as considerations in your truck terminal scouting.

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  1. Very informative

    1. Good Morning;
      I have a 143 acre industrial property just south of Richmond, VA with several drop lots available for monthly tractor trailer, heavy equipment, fleet parking. The facility has 24/7 access and is fully fenced with security guards and cameras. We are within 1/2 mile of Amazon Fulfillment center, Niagra Watter Bottling, Medline Distribution facility and other major distribution activities. We have certified scales on site, as well. What is the best way to inform truck drivers of our location?

      I appreciate any guidance you could offer.



      1. Lori, what is the name of your facility?

      2. Hi Lori I would like to know more about your parking lot.
        What is the name of the lot?

      3. Hi Lori!

        Where are you located?

      4. Trucking groups on Facebook

      5. Hi Lori,

        Where is your parking located? Please email me at

      6. If you guys are interested in unmanned managing Smart Parking with a high rate of ROI let’s discuss.

    2. Hi everyone!!
      If you want Working Capital to accomplish your projects; we have financial sources to buy a trucks and trailers, too!!
      Lourdes Nunez
      La Joya Capital Group, LLC
      210-634-4550 Direct

      1. Hello do y’all Invest in new start up Semi truck Storage and parking facility in different states

    3. How do i advertise my truck parking location.

    4. We are looking for parking for 4-6 Tractor/Trailers anywhere between Reading, PA and Sinking Springs, PA. We are a bulk liquid company.

    5. I have a 5 acre lot right off of i65 that I’m looking to fill. Exit 105 in Lebanon Junction KY. Also will have mechanic shop there as well in the very near future. If anyone is interested let me know.

      Chris P

      1. I’d be interested in knowing more about this site…

  2. I am curious with regards to your posted story and research, are you calculating $175 per stall per 24 hour day or that amount per month?

    1. Hello Rick, the calculation is based off a monthly rate.

    2. Its per month, I have call other places they range from 100 to 200 dollars per month per stall. Some charges per around 16 dollars per day. I called three places in the dfw area and there is a waiting period. I’m also interest in this business if you have any new info or business potiental please feel free to reach out.

      1. Hello Bo , I’m seeking a partner for this Fantastic location I have in Montgomery Alabama I. Currently have one location up and running, One block from TA travel center . I am seeking a $25,000 investment . The lot have potential to produce $600 per day .) yearly expenses around $35,000 ) 229-349-9500 or ) Will be happy to explain in full detail , serious inquiries only.

      2. If you need parking or you know someone looking for parking in DFW area let me know.
        2202 manana drive, Dallas, TX 75220
        3479985380 Leonidas

    3. I pay $200 a month so im assuming they mean monthly lol

  3. What are the legal means to remove someone who does not pay?

    1. I agree. May I ask what area are you in?

      1. Parking for tractor trailers semis some other RV ( no camping)
        Highway 285 SW Denver ( approx 18 miles 43 miles from downtown)
        Mile marker 231
        Great access – dedicated on/off ramp right off highway
        Gravel lot
        Commercial scale
        Pretty limited facilities but close to fuel, food
        Locked gate fenced. Security guard
        Security cameras motion detector
        Daily/Monthly/ Annual rates
        Overnight available
        760 362 6173 call or text for rates
        Please don’t block access

        Not responsible for damages to vehicles on site. Indemnification waiver and proof insurance required. No drugs booze or problems

    2. Yeah, that’s a good question…

  4. I’m not so sure there is a truck parking problem. I have a parking lot and am struggling to fill it up.

    1. I’m looking to get into the business please explain why you are not filling your lot. Is it maybe location, far from interstate perhaps.

      1. That’s exactly what I was assuming.

        1. Best software to use for truck parking? I want to use a text to park/pay & scan a QR code to pay. Daily, weekly & monthly parking options.

    2. Wow, interesting! I thought it would be extremely easy to fill up these spots due to truck parking being in high demand. Is this parking location near by an interstate exit?

    3. What is your lot location? And what city and how far off from travel ways is it? With this investment and business ideal location is what I’ve found to be helpful. Also, what is the insurance cost per month and security coverage? I’m looking to invest and/or purchase land in the Texas area for a lot size that can potentially fit 14-17 rigs comfortably if by chance you happen to know any.

    4. Where are you located?

    5. It’s due to your area… I’m sure.

  5. Hi there,
    I’m looking to buy truck stop business.

    1. new truck stop need venders tire shop towing restaurant motel truck wash

      1. location was near i 48 and i 79 goshen roar exit 304 983 2727 morgantown wv new truck stop needing venders

  6. What are the monthly operating cost associated with this business.

  7. Hello does someone know how to establish a truck parking business? I will compensate them for their time and services provided.


    916 671 2358

    1. Yes, I’m interested. My name is Amy, what area are you in? My number is 817.996.1414.

  8. I have 4 acres of I-4 in Florida, exit 25, how many overnight parking spaces for tractor trailers can I put here

    1. Have u opened up?

    2. Approx 150 semi. 1 acre can park aprox 40 trucks

      1. 4 acres can park 150 semis, how many can you fit on 3 acres including 53′ trailer?

  9. I have a commercial truck storage yard in nwnj. My primary storage is of repairable trucks, wrecked trucks and surplus trucks of contractors, trucking companies and owner operators. Limited access to the yard as we have hundreds of items. I find a price of a $100.00 for storing these vehicles is pretty good investment for the owners.

    1. HI! Would you mind shooting me a text on some information on parking dimensions and how many containers/trucks could be parked on 5-6 acres. I’m in the process of opening a lot in Georgia. Any info would be great! Thanks!
      Hannah – 678-490-1837

  10. Hello,
    Strongly considering starting a truck parking
    Business…Trying to “get a handle” on the expense side(utilities,security,maintenance,etc)
    All help is appreciated…

  11. Las Vegas – Monthly/Yearly Truck parking lot newly being developed reserve now limited spaces
    – Location: Smoke Ranch/Jones area
    – Access 24/7/365 Gated Smart Phone app controlled gate
    – Led lighting – Camera monitor smart app
    – Your own spot 24/7
    Contact Adam: 702.665.2903

  12. How many tractor and trailer can functionally park on an acre of land given proper turn radius and 25 ft paths to access each parking spot?

  13. Lori please call me re your trucking site
    Thank you

  14. have parking in sarnia 24 hr fenced with cameras 519-339-0895 or vas

  15. All,

    We have 3 truck parking lots in the Ohio and Indiana market. Located in Groveport, Ohio (Columbus) in the Rickenbacker area, one in Sharonville, Ohio(Cincinnati northside) and one in Indianapolis (near Downtown. If you have any needs please email or call me at 866-336-8686 X 312. lot is 24/7 full gated and secured, cameras and in great condition. prefer longer term parkers.

    Also all our locations have drive thru truck washes and full service body and detail shop for large equipment only

  16. Hi
    Looking at property to establish a 40 truck lot. It will be located near Atlanta Ga.
    Any cost evaluations for development estimating available ?
    These would be rental spots per month.
    Thank you

    1. Wyatt
      40 amount of trucks (1 acre)
      $150.00 rate per truck per month (ga rate) maybe 175 or 200
      $6,000.00 per month fully filled
      $72,000.00 per year filled
      $360,000.00 per lease 5 yr
      $250,000.00 Paving cost without maintenance, concrete pads not included.
      $70,000.00 land cost per acre in north ga
      $40,000.00 profit after 5 year lease no tax fully filled whole term
      $16,000.00 after property tax, no income tax. – 136k after with 200 rate per month
      Just an FYI. Looking to do the same. Most long term leases require 100-300 spots.
      If you want a fence, i think it will cost 23k or so at $9 ft. You need lights, 90 per pole per month from GA power. Billing if you do daily rates. Quite a bit of work to do besides paving and waiting. Remember maintenance is key to the paving cost. And marketing.

      1. Sorry 9k for fence, not 23k around 1000 linear ft to fully fence

  17. Hi am looking for semi truck parking with 35 foot trailer in the reading to sinking spring, pa area, does anyone know of a place or have place. Thanks

  18. Hi, my partner and I are looking to buy a 5 acre industrial lot in Kansas. I need advice regarding any expenses besides gravel, fencing and lighting that I need to know about. Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi, I have a 2.23 acre industrial property in Fresno, CA that I would like to turn into a truck and trailer parking. Is there anyone that can assist with this project?

  20. Hi,

    I have 4.5 acres right off of I-95 between Baltimore and Philadelphia in Aberdeen, MD.

    I have another half an acre in Aberdeen right off the highway, as well.

    If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at

    Thank you!

    1. Also, the lots will be fenced, gated and lit up at night with pole lights. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

  21. I have a truck parking yard . (Big Rig Park N’ Go) located in Ontario California
    I have space available for liquid tankers , flatbeds trailers, walking floor commodity haulers.
    $250.00 per month per space. Secure fencing , Light, Cameras, for a very clean beautiful yard.

    Please contact me at 714-325-2616 (Lynette) to discuss further.

  22. Is there a need for Semi Truck parking in Fresno, California 2 miles off Freeway 41? We have 5 acres. I want to see what the true need is. Any suggestions on needing to follow special regulations is much appreciated.

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