TVC Pro Driver Reviews

TVC Pro Driver Reviews

TVC Pro Driver is the Trucker’s Voice in Court for Professional Drivers. It is a monthly prepaid service that gives you legal representation when you receive a traffic ticket violation/citation. Essentially, it acts as a retainer for a lawyer to represent the professional truck driver when they receive a ticket that can damage their CDL record. Without TVC Pro-Driver, it may cost several hundreds to thousands of dollars to hire a CDL lawyer to represent a truck driver client if the driver decided to hire on a per-case basis. On the other hand, TVC Pro-Driver allows the truck driver to manage their payments on a month-to-month basis and obtain the services of legal counsel to represent them during a traffic violation case whenever needed.

TVC Pro Driver Reviews

I have first-hand experience of seeing the effectiveness of a TVC Pro-Driver membership as their customer service and client representation has successfully prevented the truck driver from adding points and violations to their CDL record/abstract. Administrative prohibitions issued by government license bureaus can bring a halt to an owner operator or a company driver in terms of their ability to drive a commercial truck and earn a living to support their family. Trucker’s Voice in Court is a legal services provider to many drivers in North America and has the yielding power to offer competitive retainer fees due to the volume of its membership numbers. No truck driver purposely gets a CDL traffic ticket and quite often it is due to the lack of the truck driver’s knowledge that they end up paying and pleading to a ticket without considering the possibility of disputing it.

Some reasons why truck driver’s do not dispute traffic tickets are:

  • Are not of aware of the option to dispute a ticket.
  • Do not wish to go through the hassle of filing a dispute and preparing a defense.
  • Received the ticket in a jurisdiction that is far away from their home residence which creates a problem when the need to travel to the court date arises.
  • Cannot or are not willing to pay for legal representation.
  • Do not have in-depth knowledge of applicable motor vehicle regulations.
  • Do not know the negative consequences that the ticket can have on their CDL record and that it may even eventually prohibit them from driving a commercial truck.
  • Do not want a large ticket fine amount lingering over their head.

This bullet-point list is just some of the reasons that truck drivers hesitate to dispute traffic citations. A clean and active commercial driver’s license (CDL) is an asset to be protected. Having multiple violations and points on your CDL record can result in current job termination, revocation of your driving privileges rendering you to have to surrender your license and diminished future job prospects and/or promotions.

What does a TVC Pro-Driver Membership Cover?

Trucker’s Voice in Court has a proclaimed 92% success rate in getting commercial driver’s license violations reduced or dismissed. The types of violations they’ll cover include

  • Moving violations such as speeding and following too close.
  • Non-moving violations such as logbook, overweight at weigh scales.
  • Existing citations if the driver was not covered by a TVC plan before receiving the ticket. (A discounted handling fee applies)
  • Semi-truck accidents involving injury or death of a third party
  • CSA score challenges

The cost/price of a TVC Pro-Driver membership plan is between $30-$50 USD.

If you’re interested in one of the biggest legal service providers for commercial truck driver’s in North America, you may contact TVC-Pro Driver at any time. Services are offered in a variety of supported languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Cantonese, Punjabi, and more.

Information on CDL Laws

CMV drivers in the United States who are convicted of a CDL violation must report it to their employer within 30 days. The only exception this rule is parking violations do not need to be reported. CMV drivers who lose their license to operate their personal vehicle whether it is cancelled, suspended, or revoked may not obtain a hardship license to operate a commercial truck.

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