0 Down Lease Purchase Trucks

0 Down Lease Purchase Trucks

The first question is before assessing 0 down lease purchase trucks is, should you buy a used semi truck? Buying a used semi truck has many advantages and disadvantages, those of which are bullet listed below:


  • Affordable in the short term
  • Can be financed


  • Not eligible for maintenance or repair warranty due to it being a used truck
  • Potential liens may be placed on the vehicle from the previous owner (s)
  • Could have significant defects in the machinery which can result in hefty repair bills down the road.

How get 0 down lease purchase trucks

When you take a loan and finance a truck, you are buying the truck and will own it at the end of the contract. A loan requires a monthly payment which is between the usual 3-5-year range. Used vehicles may be better suited to financing contracts but brand-new trucks are better leased.

Leasing is a similar concept to renting. After the 3-5-year lease ends, you return the truck to the principal owner and if there is a buyout option included in the contract, you can purchase the truck at a pre-determined price. The emissions systems technology implemented in post 2007 trucks has created maintenance and repair havoc for some fleets. Therefore, it may be advantageous to the transfer the risk of costly repair bills to the OEM through a dealership lease.

It is important to discuss every detail with the lease company before agreeing to it. For example, ensure there are no mileage restrictions. Understand what will happen in the event of a roadside breakdown or an accident. Furthermore, understand how IRS and CRA view the lease agreement. Certain lease agreements including those that do not have a buyout option at the end of a lease are not eligible for depreciation according to the IRS. However, you can always write off lease payments as an expense and claim tax credits depending on your jurisdiction.

Leasing a brand-new semi truck is advantageous because you can spec the vehicle according to your requirements include the transmission, engine size, horsepower, torque, etc.

Full service-lease

A full-service lease includes maintenance, truck registration, IFTA administration, vehicle replacement in the event of downtime and more. Here are features you should look for in a full-service lease:

  • Tax deductible payments
  • Buyout option at end of lease
  • No down payment
  • Predictable monthly operation costs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Emergency road service
  • IRP plates paid
  • Truck wash.

Here is a cost breakdown of a what a traditional full-service lease may look like:

Value of truck: 172,000

Taxes: 12% (state and federal) = 20640/48=430/month (A portion of these may result in a tax credit refund)

Term of lease: 48 months

Base monthly payment: 3581

Maintenance charge on 200,000 miles = 28620/48= 596/month

Total estimated monthly cost: $4607

These number are rough estimates and can vary depending on the determined lease end value.

It may be wise to not obtain lease financing directly from the dealership but aim to explore quotes from other third-party lease financiers. For example, PacLease is a dealership lease provider while Penske Truck Leasing is a third-party provider.

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  1. Looking to lease 5 trucks for our fleet
    Please let me know what are the requirements and how does it work

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