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  1. For sale is this new 2019 Ford F350 4×4 regular cab flatbed work truck. This F-350 is equipped with a 11.4 foot Hillsboro gooseneck platform deck and receiver hitch.

  2. Hello,

    I am looking to buy a truck and lease on to a transportation company (carrier). However I need some advice on what brand to buy and what company to lease on to. I would appreciate it if you can assist. Thank you.

  3. Hello and good day!
    We wanted to reach out to your company and let you know we offer job placement and paid on the job training for your freight brokerage graduates.
    If any are interested, they can contact, or call (214) 552-9913 and ask for Mr Newton. We offer a great compensation package with fast upward mobility. We look forward to working with each and every one of your graduates who would like to pursue a career in trucking and logistics at Queen City Trucking, based in Dallas, TX, MC 995769,

  4. I would like to have information on leasing a truck

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